Quitting Sale. Send me any offer

Well, my time with yoyo’s  has come to an end, and i would like to see my yoyos put to better use than sitting on a shelf gathering dust…

send me an offer, (paypal please) and I will most likely say yes as long as it is somewhat decent.
Literally any monetary offer please just send it
I will cover shipping if it is less than you are spending.

here is what I have.
1st set:
2013 worlds mystery yoyo (some yoyomiracle yoyo) no damage- ? yomega glide, hidden gem, tons upon tons of vibe - ?
yoyofactory grindmachine -translucent green with blue hubstacks no damage- ? radical seas set sail prototype with 2 slight dings, small vibe - ?
Onedrop Code 2, no idea the color pattern, some ano flaws, some minor flatspots and dings - ? I don't know what the last one is, also the ano is all messed up from previous owner, looks like he tried to take it off? - ?
2nd set:
Glow in the Dark protostar no damage- ? Onedrop Benchmark v 2013, no damage, no side effects- ?
yoyojam Big Ben chi-town edition - ? yoyofactory replay, half green, half blue - ?
yoyofactory speed dial, red/black, decent damage around - ? yoyofactory speed dial blue/white no damage - ?

pictures here

$30 shipped on benchmark

bump, school is over, will pay more attention to this!