Looking for another throw

I’m looking for a new throw that fits my play style.
I’m looking for a speedy throw, but not at the cost of stabiliy.
I really enjoy horizontal, and speed combos.
My budget is around $55 , as I am going to buy lots of strings and response Along with it.
Some throws I have in mind:
Level 6
Yyo Jaeger
Something addict

The jaeger is a little big and the response pads are kinda meh but all 3 are great. My only problem with the addict is that the past something plastics I’ve owned start to get a little vibey if you unscrew them too often. It doesn’t bother me but I know some people that need absolutely dead smooth throws. My personal pick would be the level 6 until maybe the czm8 comes out.

When will the czm8 come out and how much will it be?
Any more opinions on addiction/ level 6?

I think the czm8 should be out in the next week but don’t quote me on that. price will be $45

Does level 6 play similarly to the shutter?
Same with equilateral and addiction?

For speed and horizontal, I can highly recommend Kilter, it can go really fast and is superstable. It fits your requirements better than Jaeger.

have you considered the pulsefire?

Right now I’mdeciding between the addiction and level 6
Does the equilateral play similarly to the addiction?
Any more opinions on either throw?

Considering the overall specs and shape of the equilateral I doubt they’re going to play similarly but I haven’t thrown the addiction so can’t be 100% positive. Both throws are excellent choices and it really just comes down to whether you want plastic or metal.

Already gOt the equilateral :stuck_out_tongue:
Just wondering if they were similar

Between the level 6 and addiction, Would the level 6 be better for competitions?
Also, does the level 6 play faster than the shutter


Awww yeaaahhh thats cheap.

Hahaha, I think there’s another way you can fix that buddy.

I think for speed and horizontal, the sOMEThING Addiction might be best for you. Correct me if I’m wrong though. I remember it being known for it’s speed and I also heard it’s great for horizontal. So yeah. HAHA. Hope I helped. :slight_smile: