Hatchet, Level 6, or Octave 1st Gen?

I’ve been wondering what yoyo I should save up for. Out of the options listed, which one do you recommend?


(I would prefer for you to have tried the yoyo out if you’re going to recommend it, or at least if you’ve heard good things about it)

EDIT: I’m removing the Werrd86400. I don’t really have an interest in it.

I’ve thrown the Octave and 86400 and preferred the feel of the 86400. It played faster and was a lot more fun due to it’s larger size. The octave is still a pretty awesome throw but keep in mind the level 6 is extremely close in specs while having a very different shape. If it was between those 2 I’d make my decisions off of what shape I wanted. As for the hatchet you can tell just by looking at it’s weight that it will most likely be the fastest of all the throws and for me it has the best looking specs out of all the throws.

So between the 2 I’ve thrown it’d be 86400 and between the 2 I haven’t it’d be the hatchet

Ok, but is the Octave still a good throw? Or is the 86400 just better because of its shape and size?

They’re all excellent throws and it really just comes down to personal preference.

Ok, thanks. So, anyone else? :o