CZM8 or Level 6

So I am going to get a minute in the near future because i like the shape but after that, I wanted to geat a level 6. Now that I have seen pics, I am wondering if the CZM8 might be better. My shutter is fantastic and if the CZM8 has the great weighting and al around great craftsmanship that my SHutter had, then it would be a no-brainer. I have a C3 but it is a speedaholic. I have heard mixed things about the dibase 2 so i question their ability to make budget throws but from the video and looks, it should be very good. So I was wondering, which one should I go for?

For Color: Level Six

For Playability: CZM8

For Competition: Level Six

I would go with YYF all day everyday though. LOL

i had the original Di base and that was an amazing yoyo for the pice but when they came out with the Di base 2 all they did was add more center weight and have it a little more balanced

Level 6 is definitely here to prove you they are more than capable to make excellent budget throws.
The Capless and the Capsule 2 can only reinforce this statement :wink:

I have no experience with the CZM8 so I have no opinion about it, but, I received my Level 6 yesterday. It played very well right out of the box, the color and looks of the YYE model is really nice and it is well balanced.