Looking for an upgrade from a gradient

I got 60 to spend thats with shipping i was looking at the shutter, horizon vangaurd and the gauntlet welcome to any other ideas or help choosing

I would recommend the Shutter or the Vanguard, both are great yoyos. Although, the Vanguard is a little bit smaller on the hand compared to the Shutter. If you like organic shapes than you’ll like the Gauntlet.

You are trying to upgrade from a gradient?

What do you like in a yoyo? Size, shape, brands, play style?

Well im more of a tec player and as an Oregonian one drop will always be my brand but im open to check out others and as for shape and size ive only been throwing for a year and ive realy only thrown a yotricks sage, gradiant and terrarian i do want to take a stab at fingerspins and at the 60 dallar range might not be an upgraid but do to ding the sage bearing seat is mesed up and i only throw the terrarian at home over carpet to avoid dings

I’ve only just started, but I started with a horizon and am very happy with it. I am looking to get a steel and shu-ta soon to see how bi-metal and different materials affect play.

Once you get into the $70ish and above price range you can’t really “upgrade” per say, it’s more of looking for a feel that you like. What others have said yoyo wise is pretty good, though you can always check out the BST for some deals if you’re willing to buy used.

You can get $80-$120 throws that are used but in mint condition for $60 if you look hard enough. A gradient is fast from what I hear, it can fly, so if you play fast its gonna be hard to upgrade. The shutter sets the standard in that price range but its more of an all around her. The shutter would be a great throw to work on/learn tricks. Its a really good throw.