Just got my Shutter

Hey guys, I just got my shutter in the mail today.

What a BEAST! so nice! I’m coming from a Yomega maverick which is TINY compared to the shutter. as soon as i put it into some simple tricks i knew it will play so much better.

Just wanted to share my excitement!

Cool! Upgrading, or getting a new throw in general, is always a blast!

Congrats! It’s a great throw.

Mine comes in the mail tomorrow! Just got back into throwing a couple weeks ago with a Velocity. Decided to upgrade to a metal throw this last week.

Dude you are going to love it!, Ive been throwing 1A for a week and a half, (did 3A style about 10 years ago) and I am working on cold fusion now! this throw makes learning tricks so easy! the wide profile and seemingly endless spin time is so nice to have

Sweet ! I love mine. Its so smooth. Plays just as good as some of my others that cost 3 times as much.

I hear it’s a must have in every throwers arsenal. I don’t have one yet, but I’m sure I will pick one up sooner or later

But yes, upgrading your throws is just as satisfying as learning a new trick.

I started with a Duncan pro z, then got a speedaholic (which I didn’t like) then got a northstar and regen in a great b/s/t deal on the forums. It didn’t take long after that that I knew I wanted a metal, but which one? There were so many to choose from, so I got all four 2014 benchmarks (incredible yoyos for the price btw). And now I have a Duncan Barracuda and a one drop valor to add to my lineup. Btw I just started in December lol, it’s an addiction now

Sweet dude! I was looking into it myself, but decided on thate OD Code 1. Very excited about that

Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. When I first started I bought a Protostar and Superstar and was convinced that was all I’d ever need. “I won’t buy any more yoyos” I said…

Fast forward a couple of years and I’ve got like 50 metals with no sign of breaking the habit any time soon. It’s not my fault! These companies keep making such pretty yoyos! Every time I think that I’m done the YYE “New Releases” section lights up with shiny new toys ready for purchasing. ;D

I’m excited about the Shutter too. It’s a great throw, and I recommend it whenever I can. And, it’s so photogenic. :wink: If you like the Shutter, you’ll like some other YYF throws too. I’m curious what color Shutter you have.



Congrats, my Shutter is my favorite yoyo to learn tricks with. It’s my main learning yoyo, it’s something about it’s weight and shape that makes it great for that.


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