Does upgrading from budget metals help learning intermediate 1A tricks?


Hey everyone, this is my first post so please bear with me. :slight_smile:

First, some background. I’m relatively new to yoyoing, I started yoyoing at the age of 30 about 5 months ago with a (previous generation) YYF Velocity, then I upgraded to a Shutter 1.5 months ago. This upgrade was a big success as now I made a lot of progress with side mount trick basics which were almost impossible to master on my Velocity. The smoothness and stability of the Shutter was much more forgiving when practicing new tricks. I was able to make progress with the Shutter at least by an order of magnitude or more compared to the Velocity. Now I’m at the level of practicing cold fusion and gerbil. My goal is to make steady progress on the 1A competition trick ladder and learning new tricks.

I’m just wondering how much would a high-end metal like YYF Genesis, Superstar, yoyotricks Civility or similar throws increase the speed of my learning compared to the Shutter at my current level.

Thanks for your input!


You won’t really see any improvements due to the yoyo itself

I have found that buying a new yoyo does motivate me to learn new tricks though

Of course some yoyos with increased rim weight for stability can make certain things easier


Pretty much echoing what Sparhawk already said: the Shutter will do everything you need it to. You will NOT open up many new doors by having a “better” yoyo. Performance-wise, everything beyond the Shutter will be extremely incremental (and minimal).

BUT, it’s fun to get new yoyos, and that can push you to play more. Play = practice, so you’ll get better. :wink: I mean, there are SOME differences… if you want to get into blisteringly-fast combos, you will eventually want a lighter yoyo than the Shutter.

But yeah, for your level, it does everything you need it to. Get another yoyo just for the fun of it. :wink:


My opinion: I like my shutter and relatively it performs almost as well as my 100+ yoyos. The difference is subtle as far as pure performance goes, but ever yoyo has it's own unique feel. I haven't tried other budget metals besides the token(very cool micro throw) . I'm sure if I tried some of the others like yoyofficer and the 45 Duncans I’d be impressed. The one thing that I don’t like about the shutter is it’s lack of fingerspin capability. However, I am very intrigued by the new shutter redesign for Shu Takada (the Shu-ta). It should be awesome.

Bottom line, the shutter can handle all tricks you throw at it except fingerspins.


If you want a new yoyo get a new yoyo, just don’t expect high end metals to make a huge difference (like I did).


Thanks everyone for your input. You have echoed my assumption on the subtle performance improvement I would get form a high-end metal, sparing me a more than a hundred bucks. (high end metals are pretty expensive in this part of the world.) As I’m still motivated, I think I’ll stick with my Shutter for a while. Then after let’s say 5-6 months, I’ll surprise myself with a new throw, maybe for Christmas. :slight_smile:


I’d personally say to go for one of the yoyofactory lucky boxes on black friday

sOMEThING does a really nice one too


I learned how to do those on my shutter…


High end yoyos will only offer better spin times/ stability. My protostar can handle advance tricks better than my supernova in my opinion.