When should I "upgrade" my yo-yo?

I am beginning to learn the “advanced part 1” trick list on this website. Do you think I would progress faster with a metal yo-yo?

What yoyo are you already using? Depending on the plastic, you could learn all tricks here without the yoyo getting in the way.

But metals are really nice if you don’t have one yet.

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Depends what you’re using now

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

Depends on what you currently have

Keep in mind it’s more the skill of the player than what yoyo they use. If you want a new yoyo feel free to buy one, but it’s not required to advance (unless you have a really crummy dollar store yoyo).

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Depends but personally when I started I mostly played whatever I had till it broke.

I have a Recess First Base

That yoyo is definitely capable of learning each trick on this website, but feel free to “upgrade” to a metal to get that more “premium” feel if that’s what you desire :smiley:

Like Degil said, you can learn everything on here, considering you haven’t beat the everliving daylight out of it. An upgrade is always nice though; a good place to start looking for a starting metal is Yoyofactory or Yoyofficer

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

Do you have both bearings?
If you have a full size C bearing for it, you could never upgrade and be ok.

That said, I do prefer some other yoyos when learning tricks, because the FB doesn’t have as much spin time / stability as some other options.

Just remember though, that metal doesn’t mean better out right.
It might be worse depending on what your yoyo preferences are.

Also, wanted to quote JHB’s comment for emphasis, most of the tricks in the Advanced section were created on responsive yoyos. Even looking through the Expert and Master level tricks, many of those were created on responsive Freehands.

As far as upgrading, that’s whenever you want to get a new yoyo, but remember 99.9% of the yoyos on the market today are more than capable to do any trick you can possibly think of :slight_smile:

Point understood, but your 99.9% analogy is just an assumption you made on the fly right? :-\

Well, assuming he means the market of yoyos that would include only those offered or recommended here, then yes he is probably right.

I mean, the market as a whole would include the $ Tree yoyo, and I don’t see people finger spinning those.

However, I have to say that the sentiment of his argument is correct. Most yoyos can out play the person using them.

Most people are well aware that a yoyo doesn’t make the player - That’s exactly why I said “point taken”. But saying all the tricks can be done on 99.9% of all yoyo’s isn’t accurate. I just don’t like statistics that are pulled from ones hip pocket and blurted out without any credibility! :wink:

78.3 and 2/3% of statistics are made up on the spot. :smiley:

Discouraging huh?  http://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+percentage+of+statistics+are+made+up+on+the+spot
70% of all statistics are made up on the spot by 64% of people that produce false statistics 54% of the time they produce them.

So 46% of made up statistics are accurate?
That sounds like a pretty good rate to me.

That means almost half of my made up statics are correct.

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The Dollar Tree yoyos make up the .1% :wink:

I’m not saying that my percentage was factual, but can you prove that it isn’t accurate? I’ve seen some pretty crazy tricks and combos thrown down on stock, thin gapped fixed axles. I would argue that with practice and skill the majority of the tricks on the YYE tutorials can be pulled off on most yoyos. I know there are a few that are working on going through them all with fixed axles.

Let’s not let this devolve into who’s better, Ed, or someone else. I wasn’t going to say this but you should upgrade when the"new throw smell "is totally gone like the wind. That’s when you upgrade!

It’s an issue of “want”, not “need”. Although you could say that when you “want” to have more fun, and you feel that you “need” a new yoyo for that to happen, then you should buy a new yoyo.