Looking for a reponsive yoyo

Yea, im goin back to basics. I already have a Turbo bumble bee and an exodus but my sister has the bumble bee and my exodus is just too stinkin’ big/heavy. I dont have any thick lube sadly or i’d use it on my DM :frowning:

  1. Price: ehh. preferably under 30, but i can go up to 40 if i have to.
  2. Usage: Getting better at string tricks.
  3. Mods: Only very simple mods (like overtightening as with the raider)
  4. Color: i dont really care
  5. Response: dont care
  6. Shape: butterfly (or something similar. Imperial…maybe. t would be a lot harder, but probly be worth it i guess). Also, undersized if those exist
  7. I want a yo-yo that is durable, not fragile.
  8. Weight: >=60 grams
  9. responsivity: uhmmm responsive if you didnt get that already.

Any yoyo can be responsive. To make it responsive just buy some Thick Lube and put it on the bearing. Also if it has an adjustable gap, make it as small as possible. Try out a Freehand Zero, it comes responsive out of the package and is a good throw.

how about velocity! perfect yoyo to start here why, it can be responsive or unresponsive depending on what you want, and so your sister is getting better she can start on some unresponsive play. ;D

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