Need help ASAP


New to yoyoing! ;D
Yoyos Ive played with so far: freakhand, FHZ, crossfire, xodus 2, mosquito, light lime.
Yoyos working right now (crossfire and xodus 2), others broke.
Crossfire feels too light but I kind of like the response mechanism bc its not too responsive.
Xodus feels like its heavy, but too responsive.
I want something heavy for long spin time that responds when givinv a good tug so I can continue to practice my tricks.
Ive been searching and reading about all the mods for FHZ, but Ive also seen the Dark Magic II. I dont know what I should do next and Im in need of a yoyo ASAP: today, tomorrow (over night shipping or very soon).

Pls help. :’(


dont mod a duncan. its too complicated for a noob. just buy something like a dm2 or a yyf ONE. a yyj classic is also a great choice


CJ? Is that u?


For consistent response on tug, I would try a Kickside or a Lyn Fury. The gaps are easily adjustable, the response systems last forever, and they’re both pretty rim-weighted (Kickside more so) for long spin times.

The Classic responds pretty well, but it’s a little lighter and the edges are really, really sharp for responsive play. I like it set up as an unresponsive yo-yo much more.

Edit: You might also look at the YYJ Big Ben. It’s heavier, significantly bigger, also gap adjustable, and has the same response system as the Lyn Fury. I’ve only played one once.


Calm down. Unless you’re competing and on a tight schedule, Priority Mail for a YYE order is more than sufficient. But I’m not impatient.

Some yoyos to look at since you want a responsive yoyo would include(and I’m only gonna list YYJ here):

The rest are yoyos that include a wider bearing in them for unresponsive play, but ship stock with the slim/responsive bearing pre-installed:
Legacy II
Dark Magic II

After that, we get into yoyos that I’m very unfamiliar with or are small. You don’t want small right now.

Any of those will give you want you want…

If you don’t mind a bit more work later on:
There’s the Lyn Fury, the Kickside and the Speed Maker, which can be fairly responsive, but with a touch of easy to do things, they can be quite unresponsive. Similarly, the Classic ends up in here but you do need a wider bearing for it. These under $20 solutions should not be ignored.

The DM2 or Legacy II would be my initial recommendations. If you want heavier, then the Chaser is your yoyo. I don’t have an SR-71, SFX or Revolution yet, but I will soon. Most people start with a DM2, and for the most part, I did too. It’s a viable and valid option.

Keep in mind, part of my mind-set is that you’re going to transition to unresponsive play soon, so I’m trying to steer you in the direction of yoyos that can do unresponsive play, yet are initially responsive.


YoYoJam Classic - this is your choice.

It has a screw in axle system so it is almost as smooth as most metals and is way smoother than any other plastic I have used. It comes with a thin C bearing and 2 o rings. In that configuration I would say it is about as responsive as the freakhand , maybe a little more responsive. You can change the bearing and keep the o rings for semi responsive or keep the bearing and change 1 or both o rings for silicone pads for semi responsive. Later you can go large C bearing with pads and it will be completely unresponsive. The YoYoJam classic is , in my opinion, easily the best beginner - intermediate “learner” yo-yo there is.


I would agree if the edges weren’t so sharp, especially for responsive play. Unexpected returns can be unnecessarily painful. I put each half of mine on a drill and shaved/rounded the edges with the side of a chisel and it’s much better (though I still might round it a little more).


Hey guys.
Tnx so much. I keep seing DMII in the recomendations and a lot of yoyojam. I will order my DMII tonight. Will post soon!
Tnx again!
Finding this pass time has been really awesome, having a community behind it makes it Amazing!


Legacy 2 is good as well as the PSG if you can do unresponsive.


I have no no issues with the stock shape of the Classic. Maybe YYJ will redesign the caps to be more rounded though. I can’t see that being a negative in any way.


I dont either, it feels fine to me and I have got my finger all bound up on a few times. It being plastic no matter how “sharp” the edges doesn’t sting as much as any metal doing the same thing, IMO.


Turning an unresponsive yoyo into a responsive is absurdly easy. Buy an Alpha Crash. Take the string and quintuple loop the string around the axle.


one thing I found with the DM2 (which I still love since getting a full metal) is with the narrow bearing you might find the response wears out quite quickly, so keep an eye on it and you might want to order some spare response pads.


I don’t have that issue. What I find is that with responsive play, I’ll need to use a drop of thick lube more often. I didn’t have any issues with the response wearing down.