Looking for a rally half

So one side of my rally is cracked so I’m just putting this out there. I’m looking for another peice I don’t care what color let me know if u have one

Ugh this happened to my Green one and now I don’t play it because I don’t want it to get worse. Is it cracked because you hit the ground?

No I haven’t hit it on the ground.

I’d ask onedrop or a half. If it didn’t crack because you smacked it against something I think they ship you a new one for shipping only. Not %100 sure on it but there some really nice guys.

Yes I brought it up to OD and they shipped me an entire new one.

My red one had this issue and one drop was great about replacing it. That being said, if somebody has a red with blue rings half, I wouldn’t complain if it mysteriously arrived in my mail box…