One Drop post purchase support is awesome!

Just wanted to commend the guys at onedrop. I had a rally that cracked for no apparent reason (was sitting in a drawer) and i asked just for new halves. David said he could send me a whole new rally in the new colors or a new benchmark! The benchmark arrived today and ive been enjoying it. :slight_smile: The only thing i cant figure out is how that rally cracked. I wonder if the tolerances were really tight and the weight ring expanded with heat…? Cracked in two places on one half and a hairline on the other. Its gotten really hot in our house but other than that i can find no reason. It was in mint condition and really smooth.

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Wish I would have contacted them when mine pressure cracked… I just used the weight rings off it

OneDrop is a very professional company, they always take really good care of their customers.