Show Off Your Onedrop Rally

Show off your Onedrop Rally here. I took a few pictures of my own-

Great pics!!!

Dropped one half while changing string on wood floor of cruise ship. I loved it till then.

Oh my god… Is it that fragile?

Wow one drop did that much damage??? ???

See what I did there? ^^


That suck. See if you can get another half from them.

Theyre all ugly porter potty green. Whyyyyy

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I’m sorry but that’s too funny ;D

It’s Spring Rain and they’re beautiful!


The green is nice! Elluzion is dElluzional!

It is possibly the nicest color they could have picked.

It looks much better than the new red ones.

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i object! I didn’t mean to thank you. The quote and thank you need to be spaced out. But I think that the reds are gorgeous! ;D

Epic win.

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When are they going to restock? I personally love the spring rain!

I will see. I will do some drop testing with the other half around my house till it breaks. just to see if it was one off or it is fragile. I will do the test on Monday and let you all know.

Are you sure…? I mean if you want to try and get a replacement half just do it. But if you’re curious too, I’ll be interested in the results!

EDIT: Mine tangled a bind and I didn’t feel it. Threw and smashed against the back of a chair. Still zero vibe, no marks, just some scuffs that wiped off. I think you may have gotten a bad half…

My old one can be seen here

You open your yoyo to change the string? lol

That time I did was a mistake for sure. Also was drunk, so all my fault, thats why I won’t ask for another half. And I put my string on weird pet peeve kinda thing, been made fun of before.

First drop on Linoleum Flooring produced two small crack waist high straight down. Next up concrete.

Took two drops on concrete to get a parts explosion and crack all the way down the middle.

I do. I hate untwisting it and slipping it over one half.

But geez Rallys seem to be really fragile. Hopefully we’ll see some vids of it just exploding when someone makes a mistake ;D