Two bad breaks in just a couple of minutes

Man, I’m having a bad start to my weekend. I picked up my new red & black Shutter from the post office first thing this morning. I get it home and on my third throw it catches the metal carpet strip between the living room and kitchen. Just like that, 30 seconds out of the box, a nice big ding on my brand new throw.

Then I pull my new Rally out of my bag and there is a huge split from the outside edge all the way to the axle. My bag sits next to the air conditioner during the day at the office and I suppose when I took the bag to my hot car after work last night the expansion of the weight ring in the heat cracked the plastic. It’s a nasty split too. You could slip a string down into the gap on the outside edge

I’m having a bad day. :-[



You better stay inside this weekend…

Yeah, maybe so.

ohhhh mann thats awful

What’s up with Rally’s cracking? They seem really brittle. I’ve heard of another person cracking theirs by dropping it one time.

Man that sucks banjo! But hang in there every cloud has a sliver lining!

Any chance you’d want to send me the parts of the Rally :smiley:

Awww! Sorry man! I feel so bad for some reason!!! Gor evey broken yoyo there’s…a… Good thing?