Looking for a quiet throw. YYF DNA - OD 54 - SPYY RONIN - help me decide.

Hey guys

So I am heavily leaning towards the YYF DNA and the OD 54 because I like the idea of hubstacks. The Spyy Ronin happens to be the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen on a yoyo and im a sucker for aesthetics. For the record I also love the look of the 3YO3 art on Landon’s site but I think I would prefer a metal yoyo for this purchase.

About me: I’m 25 now and just got a YYF Northstar and I’m loving it. I threw when I was about 12 for a few years but never got serious. I only know a few tricks but I really enjoy it and I’m really envious of my friends YYF dv888 because it is WAY WAY WAY quieter.

I traded out the bearing for a OD 10-ball bearing and the noise kinda comes and goes but even at its quietest its too loud for me to throw at work (I work in an office setting and my co-workers keep complaining about the noise on the YYF Northstar but everyone is cool with the YYF dv888. Go figure.

I like the size of the Northstar a bit more than the dv888 so I am looking at fuller sized throws, long sleep time, a snazzy look and something no louder than a dv888…I’d like to set the budget as high as about $130…but thats negotiable.

For the record I have read a LOT about bearings and I do plan on getting some thin lube and experimenting with that in addition to this next purchase.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts and suggestions!

Well, hubstacks are noisy since you’ve got 2 more bearings going in addition to the yoyo’s bearing, so that’s not going to help you out at work too much.

As for bearings or yoyos being loud, I think it’s just chance. I have 2 or 3 10-balls that are dead silent, but 2 or 3 more which have a little bit of rattle in them. Same incosistency goes for all my 8-balls and kk’s. The thin lube will make a pretty big difference.

The level of noise is MAINLY down to the bearing, however some yoyos are more noisy than others.

The 10 ball, in my experience is the most consistently quiet/silent bearing you’ll find.

All ODs I’ve thrown from new have been pretty silent.

The Ronin is great but has a fairly standard ammount of bearing noise from new - I stuck a 10ball in mine and it’s extremely quiet now.

If you want a quiet throw, do not get hubstacks.

any bearing can be made quiet with a little lubricant.
i say the ronin, but do not deny my bias. :wink:

Get the yo-yo with the widest gap you can find and apply a drop of YYJ thick lube. It will be absolutly silent except for the sound of the string rubbing against the side of the yo-yo. Remember to do a couple of non- slack tricks and sleepers first to break it in.

Another vote for the Ronin… Tis my favorite… Its a little unstable, but no less so than a dna or 888, and I suspect the 54 as well… also, some other good ones to try in that neighborhood would be the spyy solaris, or perhaps the code 1 or 2 ( code 1 is perty sick!)

Stay on track with getting a 3yo3.

The Accent has to be one of the best yoyos ever.

It seriously outplays my 54, 888, and it’s on-par with my Code2. The Accent’s much faster though. Long spins, too.

Tack on another vote for 3yo3!My hammerhead is light and fast, and the bearing it came with is pretty silent when you add a little lube. This is all besides the fact that it looks amazing! :wink:

Wow thanks so much for the feedback guys!

So now I’ve decided to steer away from the hub stacks of the DNA and the 54 due to the noise concern leaving the Ronin and the Accent as very attractive solutions.

It looks like the OneDrop offering that would most likely suit my desires is the Code2 which is currently sold out on yoyoexpert but I’ll look around for it. Is there another OneDrop you think I might want to look into?

I’m gonna go ahead and send an email to Landon and see what he recommends…after re-examining his web site I think I like the butterfly smoothness of the Cosmo a little bit more than the winged Accent.

I’m feeling a little torn right now…I was pretty certain at first that I would end up with YYF as they seem to be hugely popular and dependable plus me and my friend both have YYFs. I like my nstar quite a bit but I wish I would have spent a bit more on the dv888 and now I’m looking to dive deeper into it.

Now I hear amazing things about CLYW and I love all the artistic ones on yoyoexpert’s shop but they are all completely sold out practically every where you look…They seem like a really premium yoyo maker.

I feel really confidant in the quality of YYF and OD…slightly concerned about spending a lot of money on lesser known brands. I’m happy to hear great feedback on 3yo3 and the Ronin. Hopefully gonna buy within a week!

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Don’t be afraid of smaller companies. You will get a great yoyo if you are paying more than $60. My vote goes to 3 yo 3 because acrylic yoyos just look so beautiful.

message landon. His name is 3YO3 on yoyoexpert and he will make you a acryllic steamroller, the most beautiful yoyo ever. And it plays very good.

buy yyr day good

I have a OD 54 and a Spyy Ronin, and BOTH are super quiet.

I don’t see why noise is such a concern? I mean, I’m an audio guy, I thrive on sound and other audible feedback(ahem) to make my living. Yoyo isn’t any different. I too have a quest for quiet. 4 screaming kids doesn’t help in that quest! Not to go totally off on a tangent, but I have my first DM2, the caps are loose and one was falling out, so I used a touch of Elmer’s white glue to glue them both pack in place. It’s MUCH quieter now, and I can compare that to the other DM2 I have, which has the caps on nice and tight.

My PGM is noisy, as it’s the stacked version. My 4XL with Jimmy Hats is noisy. Oh my goodness is my Momentum noisy with those stacks on it. But, my 4XL and TFL are beefcaked and noisy to begin with, although I do admit I love that sound!

My 54 is pretty much silent as far as yoyos are concerned. I don’t see where you’re getting this noise from a 54 being bothersome becoming an issue. Try cleaning the bearing out real good then lightly lube it using VM4.

I will say I can relate to the noise differences between the Northtstar and the dv888. While I’m not in an office setting, I can totally relate to the noise differences between those two.

The one drop 54 does not have stacks. It has side effects which don’t add any extra noise.

I’ve used a lot bearings, and the 10-ball, so far is the most quiet bearing i’ve ever used

HmMMmmM You guys have given me so much to think about! This forum is soooOoo much better than computer help forums where people just call you a nooblertz lol.

Let me address the noise concern right quick…

My co workers, are total whiners…they look for any reason to complain. I was throwing my Northstar in my cubicle and one of them complained that she couldn’t hear her customer speaking on the phone over the noise of my yoyo (which is a complete and total lie). Now if she takes that complaint to my manager he will have no choice but instituting a no-yoyo rule at work, even though my manager is a cool guy he has to choose business over pleasure.

Me personally, I don’t mind the noise at all…I even use the noise as feedback when its slowing down and time to bind.

At this point you’re probably thinking I’m a little immature to be playing with a yoyo at work but there’s a bit more to it than that. I work 11 hour shifts overnight and a lot of times there’s NOTHING TO DO for about 2-2.5 hours per shift. Plus my buddy at work is the one who kind of reignited my interest in throwing after many years (when he got his dv888). So he’s been teaching me every trick I know how to do, at work. So it would just really make my day to continue throwing without people whining…One co-worker threatened to cut my string with scissors! They’re really just jealous of the fact that I am having real fun while they’re just sitting there reading Twilight.

OneDrop 10-ball bearing: I am totally down with this bearing. I read a TON of forum posts all about this bearing being the quietest. Thank you all for confirming my concerns with that.

So as of now, I am putting the OneDrop 54 back in the running alongside the 3yo3-Cosmo and the epically stylistic Spyy Ronin.

I’ve seen someone mention that both the 54 and the Ronin are super quiet, I love that. I have a bit more confidence in OneDrop than I do in the other companies but that is based on popularity and not so much personal experience (which is where you guys come in!).

By my count the votes in this thread are looking like this (I counted Studio42’s votes as 1 for the Ronin and 1 for the 54):

3YO3: 3
Onedrop: 3
Spyy: 4

Someone also mentioned that his 3yo3 Accent outperforms the 54 and the 888 which sounds like a really big endorsement. I wonder if he would feel the same about the 3yo3 Cosmo (I just like the smooth round shape of it a little bit more, it has the same round shape as the 54).

Gap width is another thing I’m closely looking at and I’m noticing with all the throws listed above, they all have a narrower gap than my Northstar which is even narrower than the dv888. I kind of prefer the Northstar gap of 4.43 over the dv888 gap of 4.67 because binding is really easy on the Northstar and just a little trickier on the dv888. To me gap width translates into: the bigger the width the more complicated string tricks can be done at the expense of easier binding.

The 3yo3 gaps are tiny in comparison:
COSMO: 4.02

Ronin: 4.25
54: 4.34

Based on that gap comparison it seems like the 54 would be the most ideal for long layered string tricks. If I had to pull the trigger right here right now I think I’d shoot for the 54.

…and off the subject, that YYF-DNA has a gap of 4.89 which is the biggest I’ve seen so far in my studying. I imagine you have to really know what you’re doing with that throw to work with it. When my buddy first got the dv888 we where both a little disapointed with the challenge involved in binding it over the ease of binding the Northstar…after a few days we got used to it completely though. I think I might get a DNA in a few months just for some variety and new challenges, and to check out those hubstack tricks.

Alright crew, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the OD 54.

Part of the reason why is because it was the very last BLUE 54 on yye and I was genuinely afraid that my hesitation would result in someone else getting it before I had the time to really think it thru.

Unfortunately I didn’t set aside enough time to contact Landon but I’m sure I’ll need another throw soon as I am a collector of art. Same applies to the Ronin.

I have to say the side fx tech of the 54 kind of swayed me. Aesthetically I prefer the 54’s round shape. Artistically its probably the least creative but the solid blue with the purple poly strings I got from yye should be acceptably snazzy.

I think I read on a review somewhere that the side effects of the od 54 has improved precision on the saddle that the bearing sits on over non side effect axle systems. Something to do with the machining process. I cant remember where I read that. Anyone know more?

I also got a General Yo AIGR bearing to try out incase I get a loud 10-ball.

Got the OD Thin Lube and the 100 ct of purple poly’s. Cant wait for it to get here!