Looking for a new yoyo


I am looking for a new yoyo that is 70$ or under. What is everyones opinion on a good throw in this price range?


Get a Whip. It’s $10. That means you have lots of budget for strings, lube and shipping.

Glad to be of assistance. Have a nice day!

OK, seriously though. Get a Whip.

OK, just kidding. You should get a Whip.

Alright, fine.

First, what do you have now? What do you like or dislike about what you have now?

Are you looking for all metal? My guess is yes. Do you have certain features you’re looking for? Are there any brands you really like? Are there brands you have preferences for?

I got a RecRev Sharp for under that as well a a H-Spin Beysick, which were just shy of $60 and I like them. I have a Phenomizm in my sights at $66. The Mighty Flea isn’t one I’d generally recommend, even at $65, yet I have one and I like it but it’s too difficult to play for me right now.

I think we need more information.

But, you can always get a Whip. Or a One. Or both.


I have a DMII and a Genesis+. I am just looking for something new and all metal to throw. My DMII is great for on the go, but a bit too responsive in my opinion and it doesn’t spin long (only about 50 seconds even with a strong throw, even less on the string). My Genesis is extremely comfortable to hold and plays well, but for some reason doesn’t spin long either, about the same as my DMII. So basically I am looking for something that spins long, is comfortable to hold, regular sized, and stable.


Gee, that sounds like my DM2:
Spins long, comfortable to hold, and stable. Regular sized? Well, there’s the gotcha.
Also, I don’t find my DM2 to be too responsive. I won’t go into the bearings it comes with, you’ve done all that already and put in the full sized bearing.

And I was kidding about the ONE or WHIP. I mean, fun and all, but hey, there’s other stuff.

I get the feeling you need to clean and lube your bearings as well as work on your throw. Not saying “hey, don’t get another yoyo”, just showing you a few other options that won’t cost much, and stuff you should probably try anyways.

I don’t have a Genesis so I can’t comment. I just have found in my own experience that working on my throw took care of 90% of my problems with spin and stability. I also find each yoyo needs a bit of a different approach to it as far as the throw is concerned.


How do you clean a bearing? I never have really tried it. I have lubed my bearings with thin lube before, but it only seems to slow them down.


You just put some mineral spirits, denatured alcohol, or lighter fluid in a small container (really small)…then drop the bearing in there and swish it around for about 2 minutes and then take it out and spinn it on the tip of a pencil to remove any of the leftover fluid. OR you could put the bearing in a small cup of rice to draw out the cleaner (since rice is very absorbent). Why rice you say well it is like if you drop your phone in the sink or just some water and then you put it in a bowl of rice then the rice will draw out the moisture (very well i might add) and then the phone should work again. You keep that little bit of info, hehe.


I have some Testors paint thinner. Thats mineral spirits, right?


You could also try taking the hubstacks off of your Genesis+ and see if that works better for you.

I would think that if your paint thinner was for oil based paints, it would probably work. After you clean the bearing, try using it with no lube. If it’s too loud for you, then just add a tiny, tiny amount.

It sounds like you like your Genesis, but just want it to spin longer. I don’t know if you’re going to find something full sized that you like more for $70 or less. But I think cleaning the bearing and removing the stacks will get it closer to where you want it to be.


I broke one of the o rings in one of the hub stacks, so I took them both off. And my paint thinner is for enamel.


I went to Home Depot and bought a quart of odorless mineral spirits.

See this video:

It’s linked to frequently around here. I bought what was shown in the video.


If your only getting 50 seconds on a genesis something is wrong, you should be able to get more just from dropping it. It is probably over lubed so the bearing should be cleaned (as mentioned before).


I have a regular genesis and get 6 minute spin times quit often. The yuuksta is a good option but it isn’t to stable. I have never played with a g funk but that might be good. The cafe racer is also very good. You will happy no matter what.


Okay so I cleaned my bearing and now it spins for 35 seconds. Then I cleaned my gold plated bearing (which originally spun 50 seconds in my Genesis, and was very responsive [probably because I over lubed it]) and now it spins about 35 seconds as well. Help! I have no idea what is wrong! :frowning:

EDIT: Actually I have been playing with with my gold bearing for a little while now and I think it is starting to break in. It is now almost completely unresponsive and it’s slowly getting more spin time (just got it up to 55 seconds). :slight_smile:


c3 Di Base or One Drop Cafe Racer…


Does anyone recommend the BOSS? It’s in my price range, and I’ve heard some good things about it.


I’m also interested in this. How good of a throw BOSS is?