Returning to Yo-Yoing, Need Guidance

Hey guys.

After a 3 year break (caused mostly by wow addiction >_<) I found myself wanting to start busting some tricks again. My favorite yoyo was my double O-ring Dark Magic with a concave bearing and that’s what I’m using again. The thing is though, I cleaned it a long time ago and now it sounds a bit strange. Also the flick spin time is only like 4 seconds even after lubing it. It can still sleep for a few minutes easily but I think it might be past it’s prime (or it got messed up by the cleaning process). Is this normal?

Secondly, I’ve been looking up some YYF’s with hubstacks cause they seem a lot of fun because I’m a grind freak and my favorite trick is the gyroscopic flop, so it seems to fit my style. Which YYF would you recommend?

Also, how are the stock bearings on the YYF’s? Considering I like to flop a lot, should I get a concave for them? Also, do the stock bearings need cleaning to perform better? Even though I’m an average yoyoer at best, I like to keep my gear top notch, so other bearing suggestions are welcome aswell. :stuck_out_tongue:

well yyf are very good stock some of my favorite stock bearings with flop very good and if you want stacks go with a skyline i think they are very nice

The Dark Magic is a great yoyo, but it is kind of behind the times. If you want the best, go with the Genesis. It sleeps the longest and is the most stable. There are lots of great colorways and it is affordable.

About your bearing- if you clean a bearing and don’t lube it for a while it will die. You can try to revive it with a cleaning or get a new one. One Drop 10balls, AIGRs, SPECs, and Center-Tracs are all good. KonKaves are also good but not really worth it IMO.

Hubstacks are cool, but they take away stability and add a lot of cost. It is something that you’ll probably get bored with soon.

I would really just buy a Genesis with some yellow CBC Pads. That is all you need and you’ll be playing with what all the pros are using.

Hmm the Genesis seems nice, and the weight of it seems promising but the shape looks kinda weird. Does it grind well? Also does it handle thumb grinds? Also just making sure cause I’ve been looking up bearings all day and it’s really starting to hurt my head. Do the SPEC bearings need cleaning or do they come “factory dry” and just need some lube?

They don’t need lube or cleaning at all. They perform better stock than your Dark Magic IMO, and the Genesis is awesome for all types of grinds.

The Genesis really is the best choice.

You can get a hubstack genisis if you REALLy want hubstacks, but I’ve heard that hubstacks can make a yoyo play wierd…but you can just remove them, too.

Center-Trac bearing helps for flops.