Looking for a new yo-yo v2

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hello! As you can see this is the second time Im doing this, because i was told to be more specific. Im so sorry Im new to posting stuff on these forums. Anyways. I’m looking for recomendations. I have the shutter, joyride, and metal skyva. Im just a generic yo-yoer for now, and havent gone into any contests. I don’t like yo-yo’s that are made of plastic. The price range is 30-70$. im just looking for something new, but something that throws nice and feels good. Thank you!


It takes a lot of process of elemination. Go through as many things as possible in the YYE store and the yoyo you keep coming back to may be the one you want. You can search by price range too.

(Victorian YoYos) #3

Onedrop dang 2. There’s also some new colors

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(Conor Neumann) #5

Really just looking for some reccomended yoyoys or yoyo brands nothing to specific.

(Christopher Dougherty) #6

Are you talking about the magic yoyo avacado?


Can’t go wrong with One Drop. Really great quality, fun and a variety of shapes/feel to experiment with. YYE currently has some in your price range.


I love, love, love the Avocado! To me, it’s really fun.

(Jim Honaker) #9

You really can’t go wrong with Yoyofactory and Duncan. Both have fantastic variety in that price range. The new Duncan Counter Punch looks good, the Road Runner and Wind runner are very good as well. YYF has so many options it can be hard to sort through. Topyo has some great options as well. The Silenus and Origin. Two very different and fantastic options. Magic does well also. I have a Hotdiggidy which is extremely versatile. It is just “vanilla” though. You will find that some companies have thier own character, you may find one that really fits you well. I really enjoy One Drop. You can find great BST deals on them as well. I also reached out to them for be grades. I bought a VTWO for $50 from them because the saturday market finish is a bit ugly. I don’t mind at all. Topdeck, Parlay, MC/MMC, Kuntosh, Benchmark. Soo many great options.