Looking for a new throw [Please Help!]

Alright, I’m looking for a new throw, somewhat undersized, somewhat heavyish (???) , large bearing silicone yoyo… And it has to have tight binds because my Solaris isn’t cutting it. I like fast and smooth combos, but I like some choppy complex stuff too. What I have in mind is a genesis, wooly marmot, markmont next, 54, anything that will fit me it’s just I don’t know what… If anyone could reccomend some throws and help me out It would be greatly appreciated. thanks :slight_smile:

Hitman Pro andXCon Pro are heavy for their size in my opinion. Large bearing, can be siliconed. I find the binds are super tight. Plus, have you seen JD play?
The Hitman is heavy but I like the weight distrbution. The XCon is dense with a lot of weight focused in the middle area(not the bearing). It hits hard and is very unforgiving if you throw bad.

Another option might be a Campfire or a Wooly Marmot. I “busted them out” of their boxes and played them for a bit today. Sweet! Not quite as heavy as I think you might want, but still super smooth like a CLYW should be.

The 54 is a great compromise. It’s smack dab in the middle of under and full sized with good weight and I found it to be very stable. I just got myself a Dietz at CalState and am loving it, that might be one to go to. I hear the 54 has been discontinued, but I’m not sure if that’s true. With the Dang and Cafe Racer also in my acquisition sights, I like One Drop, but I’m not sure how these fit in based on specs for you. The MMN is another ideal one but I think it has been discontinued.

I think you won’t be satisfied with the dv888, so I won’t go there. No sense wasting time on that one. I like it, it’s great, but I think you want something a bit higher up in the price range.

I think you’re right in wanting to stick with heavy undersized stuff. The weight will keep speed manageable while the size will let you go in and out of strings better.

I’m only recommending based on what I have, what I want, and what I can remember. Other than what I have, and what I state I want, that can be trusted. My memory… not so much so!

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Thanks for the help and you opinion on what will work for me. I already have an original xconvict, it just vibes wayy to much for me, and I’m looking for a full metal. But from what I have gathered, The wooly marmot doesn’t have good sleep time (???) I’m unsure about this though. And I think the MMN is out of the question. So I think I am Down to the 54 and the genesis. I would still like recommendations on what would fit me though. So I guess I’ll keep looking.

The original XCon and the XCon pro are entirely different yoyos, and I got this from JD himself. However, if full metal is the way you go(can’t blame you), you still have good choices.

I get easily 3+ minutes of spin off my Wooly Marmot. I could probably stick a better bearing in and once broken in get much better spin times.

I really do like the 54. A lot.

I would suggest you do keep looking. Wait for a few more suggestions to come up. Weigh out the information and take your time. This stuff gets expensive, no need to go spend just yet.

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