Looking for a new 1A yo-yo

So my only good yo-yo I have is a Dark Magic 1 but I would like to have another for when I am silicone this one or when it breaks.

I want long spin times and stability with a diameter a bit larger than the DM. My price range is around $50-75. A lip for grinds would be nice because the lip on my current yo-yo is a bit beat up. How well does the 888 fit this?

The 888 doesn’t really fit it at all.
As the 888 is smaller, not as stable, and doesn’t spin as long (In my opinion)
Go for the New breed if you want something similar to the DM.
Or Get a Cerberus if you want a larger yoyo.

For full metals. The Werrd hour and 86400 fit your criteria pretty well!

Try the Werrd hour, 86400, YYF shutter, C3 capless, Duncan Strix, Recrev @, Sine//Saw, Silly Goose, or Crucial AYCE.

I would look into the Capless and Hour as others already stated. Also some of the cheaper RecRevs would fit the bill nicely. But the Hour would take you far…it is really a top notch competition yoyo.

The Shutter is amazing and fits the criteria. Great price also n

XLR8? Larger in diameter compare to your DMI and way below your budget if that matters.

I also say shutter. It spins forever :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, after looking at them all I am pretty sure I am going to go with the Werrd Hour, the shutter looks to be a great performer so I may keep that as choice b.

I have an hour, one of my fav throws in my collection