Looking For a Good Yoyo for me

I really want a yoyo that is heavy, stable, and flowy on the string as well as look clean and nice. I would like it to be around $50 because my parents will be disappointed if i spend more than that on a “toy”. It would also like it to last me forever. Iv’e been looking at the H shape benchmark from one drop and I really like clyw’s yoyos but they are too expensive. Right now I’m using a protostar but want something that looks better, is smoother heavier, and better with slack tricks.

Thanks for any help and Happy Valentines Day

shutter, horizon, and any of the 2013 benchmarks

An 2013 or 2014 Benchmark H is what you are looking for. Only that it is 8 bucks above your budget, try convincing your parents to let you pay that much more.

Is there any real difference from the 2014 and 2013 benchmarks other than the side effects and the price?

I own a 2014 Benchmark W and it is my favorite yoyo, beating out more expensive ones I own such as the Summit, Code 1, and Gradient

The Flat Caps side effect from the 2014 models are my favorite, they work excellent in any side effect yoyos. The 2013 models use Spike side effects. I have the Spike side effect that came with my Gradient and I’d say the Flat Caps side effects are better.

Description below is taken from YYE 2014 Benchmark yoyo links,

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the whimsy roar is pretty awesome ;D

Thanks everyone I am probably going to get the H shape benchmark and it looks super sweet too!

You won’t regret getting the 2014 benchmark H.