Heavy H-Shape yoyo for beginner?


I first picked up a Duncan Butterfly XT at a big box store because i wanted something to do between shifts at work a few months ago. After learning some basics, I got two magicyoyos, T8 and the N5, since they are around 10 USD on amazon. And I’ve really fell in love with the T8; It is fairly large/heavy(Diameter:56.5mm, Width:35.7mm, Gap:4.52mm, weight:72.9g) and is a pretty dramatic H shape. I recently picked up the yyj legacy and yoyoking spin control, and I find that they are less fun for me.

Do you guys have any recommendations for fairly heavy/large H-shaped(or similar shaped) yoyo’s?

As for price I’d like to stay around 50 USD, give or take, but if your idea costs more, I’d still like to hear it.


Benchmark-H and some heavy side effects.


Well… it’s significantly more in cost…

But you can still get the YoyoFactory Super-G!


Benchmark H for sure - tweet with the hashtag #OneDropWeek this week and you could win mine!


What he said and a Stacked Catalyst. It’s not H, it’s more of an organic V, but it is heavy and fun.


+1 Benchmark H


I’d say the One Drop Benchmark H although it isn’t very heavy.
The yoyofactory horizon also looks great.
Gentry Stein recently won worlds with the shutter, so I’ll throw that out there.
But if it’s spin time or stability you’re looking for in the H shape, the V shaped C3 level 6 and Duncan torque are also great.


Thanks for the recommendations guys!