Looking for a competition metal.

I like the looks of the Werrd 86400, the OD CHIK, or RECREV Freq. Wave. Comments.

Anything full sized and somewhat heavy would fall into the “competition” category.

Although I personally feel that any yoyo you feel comfortable with will help you during competition tremendously.

Any of the yoyos you listed would work fine though.

Out of those 3 Id go for a OD Chik… Shutter seems nice too, and its cheaper. Whats your price range?

Good luck on getting the out of production Freq.Wav, so consider the “@” and/or Sine//saw instead.

Not a fan of the shape of the Werrd time series, gotta play these before I really decide one way or another.

The Chik is great. I prefer the Code 2 over it, or even the Burnside, but that’s just me.

Competition is such a vague term. Metal just narrows it down a bit. If you like it, it’s good enough. I’ve seen people compete with upgraded Classics, Protostars, PSG’s, WHIPS and more budget-friendly yoyos. Whatever you feel like using, it’s competition grade.

…Rec rev… I just can’t. …

I absolutely LOVE the 86400 and I don’t think I could recommend it more in the price range, it’s stable and pretty agile for it’s overall weight

Please try to post something more productive next time

I’d personally go with the 86400 since I tend to like most of werrds products but haven’t thrown any of them to give a true opinion

I will be getting a shutter but I want my first high end throw. From what I have heard, all of these throws are great and that I dont need to spend over $90 to get play as good as it gets. No real Price range other than under $90 because I wont buy it soon.

Another thing to point out is that I will not be in a competition, but want a competition shape and size.

Well, you are sort of right. You can do anything on a modded classic that you can on an anglam. Same for a $90 metal, but a $160+ metal like YYR, TP, etc. WILL play better than something around $90 like a Chik, but it’s not necessary. You can live off of just a modded classic your whole life, but some people want as much help as they can get.

Now, back to your question. When you say high end do you mean in play or price? Because the shutter does play like a high-end metal at a low to mid-end metal cost. So you’re already set. If you’re talking about high-end in price, thqts already out of your price range because I consider a high end metal $85-90+ most consider it $100+

But if you’re looking for a competition metal for under $90 you should really look into the Rec Rec Sine//Saw

Gentry Stein is competing with the Shutter. Other than the price being extremely nice to your bank account, this is a high-end throw. Don’t let the price tag fool you.

There’s no rule or guide for competition size and shape.

The recommendations are based on what people are using, which tends to be full sized and flat parts at the center of the rims for finger spins. V-type shapes are mostly recommended, but there are plenty of H-type shapes being used as well. In fact, I consider the Barracuda an H-shape and it was used to win Worlds in 2013. I think the Turning Point Positron, used to win Worlds in 2011 is a shape i also consider H-shaped. The Anglam, used to win Worlds in 2012 is V-shaped. The Northstar, used to win Worlds in 2010, is more H-shaped to me.

People compete with stuff from $10 to “OMG, you spent how much?”.

What you’re actually saying is you are looking for a yoyo no more than $90 but you want it to be good.

Shutter still meets that criteria. So does the 2013 Superstar.

The RecRev Freq.Wave I would highly recommend, but it’s out of production and getting one will be difficult because people don’t want to give them up. The “@” would be a perfect substitute, and if you want smaller/faster yet still stable, the sine//saw would be ideal.

One Drop offers the Chik and Burnside in those price ranges. I feel the Yelets is a touch too small, but otherwise ideal.

The Duncan Strix is making big waves so that might be something to watch for.

The YoYoJam Theory is pretty good, but has plastic caps. Would that exclude it?

The 3Yo3 AL5 might be well worth considering.

If V-shapes are good for you, the sOMEThING Firmy might be a worthy yoyo.

The Eternal Throw Victory I have set me back $90 retail. I’d have no issue recommending this side-effect enable yoyo.

A Vietnamese brand, Y-Not, has their first mode, the F.A for $80. While shipping will be expensive, it’s V_shaped, a touch light but very poweful. Good design, good yoyo.

Other items include the Magic YoYo T5(v-shaped) and N12. Don’t let the low prices fool you, these are awesome.

The YoyOfficer Aura I found to be very good and is only $50. I picked up a YYR Dreadnought fr $75, but shipped raised the price to just under $90(that and the exchange rate getting screwy). WOW!!! BUt I like the Sleipnir better but I could not get that on blow-out, but they were selling for like around $75 or so when the going was good.

I will recommend a OneDrop chik for new or a General-Yo prestige for new

And a GeneralYo majesty used (still one of my favorite metals) or there is a really price in a blue and black supernova on the bst right now for $50 that should easily sell as for that price it’s a lot of yoyo and worthy to look at.


If I didn’t already own one and had the extra cash I would jump all over that at $50