hello, my name is hubstacker, but my real name is Alexander Detmer-IV Jones i am here today to make a personal thankyou and apology to LookAYoYo. this person was my second trade, and i had just been scammed out of a PSP Go, from a person by the screen name of Jew On Deck. I had negotiated my Primo for His 2009 G5. He offered to ship first, after my recent loss, and i was very thankfull for it. but when i had gotten the package he had stated that he had not recieved the package. but he in no way said stated that he thought i had not shipped the yoyo. i tried to work with him to track the package, but we had abruptly ended our coversation. today i am here to thankyou this person for not giving me a negatice feedback and allowing me to establish my respectful place in the community and the yoyo world. and now i am here to notify you of what you rightfully deserve, i have decided to send LookAYoYo an I.O.U. care package with a yoyo i feel is what belongs to him, and the first ever tester pack of Vocal Chords yoyo strings. containing one of each type of yoyo string. Also i would like to say that the yoyo he shall recieve has been personally modified by me.

I would like to say that i am not doing out of guilt, and certainly not generosity. i am giving these yoyos to this person because it is my responsibility to return the favor give back to the person who allowed me to be who i am now.

ThankyouLook A YoYo

Thank you Hubstacker for doing the mature thing. i look forward to the string and yoyo, and hope that others can learn from you.

and for all those reading this, i didn’t submit negative feedback because i could tell that it was an unfortunate incident and not a scam. If you are scammed, please submit negative feedback and warn the community, but if you are not sure about what happened, contact them first and find out the truth.