Do not deal with him he is not honest and tries to pull a fast one.

I bought a DTI Beast from him and the Yoyo was described as mint.(Just the normal Raw Marks) HE then told me he would put in a new 10ball Bearing to seal the deal. and add some G String.

The Yoyo has 2 very noticable dings that he left out of the pictures, as well as refrained from mentioning. While I was willing to forget about that and accept it. the bearing wasn’t even a 10 Ball. some unmarked 8 ball bearing that isnt Polished or anything. Very loud and unsmooth. After cleaning it numberous times and lubing with V4M it still had a funny feeling to it.

The String while I have not tried G string b4 was very appealing to me as to try it. After seeing the string I have to say that I doubt it’s G string as it looks very poorly made, quite thick, and almost has a tint to it as if it’s used. I cannot see this as being a very well like string. If it is then I know not to use it that is for sure. I did try to use the one that was on the yoyo it it was terrible. almost couldn’t bind even with double wrapping. when it did return very loose.

With all that said. I tried to be nice and civil and asked for a refund numerous times all with very delayed responses. Once responded to, I was told I dont have any money to give you it is what it is, I’m done with this.

I now have an open ticket with Paypal and awaiting the result. This is just a warning to any others that might be thinking of or in the middle of a trade or sale with Hubstacker.

How one cannot have the money right after the deal is beyond me. reguardless I chalk this up to experience. So I will take it as it is. I did at least get a yoyo. that can work the way it should but, it is not what I payed for.


Thank you for the well stated feedback. You have done the community good for bringing this to our attention. You were quite level headed when typing this

in my video i clearly spot the marks on it, when seeing you respond by telling me to shave them down. secondly, the bearing i gave was fully functional, and very smooth. you just wanted a 1drop ten ball which it wasn’t and i also never said it was made by 1drop i simply called it a 1 drop ten ball bearing. thirdly, the string works perfectly fine, and it is thick because if the type, it is BNC G string and is perfectly fine. and thirdly, that was exctly what your i discribed what you ordered to you perfectly. you received everything you asked for.

first off dude, the Dings didnt show up in the video, 2nd you told me it was mint aside from the normal raw markings. 3rd Never said to shave anything down that’s obsurd. I said I dont care about the raw marks I can buff them out. 4th I never said the Bearing didnt work I said it was a cheap bearing that had a weird feeling. 5th you just contradicted yourself. Quote-“you just wanted a 1drop ten ball which it wasn’t and i also never said it was made by 1drop i simply called it a 1 drop ten ball bearing.” There is only 1 1 Drop 10 ball Bearing. which is the 1 drop 10 ball bearing DUrrrr!!. The bearing you gave me isnt even 10 balls. so therefore you just admitted you lied. Your exact words to me to seal the deal was I’ll even throw in a 10 Ball Bearing. Did you? No you just admitted that. 6th, I didnt state the string wasnt G-string, Reread what I said. I also stated it looked used. It looks dirty and whatnot. Whether it is or isnt I careless about. Its the entire dealing with you and your attitude that got me troubled and a bit ticked off.

If you even remotely state that it is a 10 ball or 1drop bearing that is what you have to deliver, typical raw marks are far from anything needing to be filled down or dings, and lastly you seem to have not kept up your end of the deal. You should be sending a replacement bearing and send back part of the original purchase price for it not being in the condition you stated and the fact the bearing is not what it was suppose to be is really shady on your part. If the best you can do is a video with poor quality where you choose to hide, purposely not disclose, or know the damage will not be represented properly then you have no business doing any trades. Red is a stand up guy who is honest and very well respected as a trader…feedback from him will not go unheard.

I thought a 1drop bearing was the same as a 1 drop ten ball bearing? Anyways, you only have 8 balls, so that statement is false anyways. hubstacker, you say he told you to “shave them down” can we see a copy of that message? Screenshot and photobucket will work well. Lastly, string and bearing are besides the point, the yoyo is what matters the most here, the former two items are only around $10 in value, but a ding on a raw yoyo can really bring it down. If you don’t advertise the yoyo right, IMO, that’s a scam. You didn’t give what you said you would. So, proof that you said there were scratches, or I’m afraid red’s right.

through experience, i am going to have to go with red on this.

a while ago, i made a trade with hubstacker and it didn’t turn out well. i traded a semi broken G5 that was fixed by someone who i forget. his side of the deal was a primo. i sent first to the person to fix it, and then just asked if that person would just send it straight to hubstacker to save on shipping cost. i sent that message after getting a message that said that hubstacker had sent his primo. well he got the G5 and messaged me saying, oh i got the G5, thanks for shipping first, i will send my primo.

so i thought that he maybe was in a different trade and messaged my that he sent the yoyo rather than the other person. well i waited a couple weeks for the yoyo to reach me, which i was not very happy about, but i was ok with it. then i got the package, noticed it felt light, and opened it up to find bubble wrap. just bubble wrap.

i contacted him and he said that he was sure that he put the yoyo in the bubble wrap and that it must have been stolen. think what you want about that reply.

i didn’t ask for the G5 back because hubstacker said that he had just been scammed out of a yoyo and that the only yoyo he had at that time was the G5, so i let him keep it. i was (and still am a little bit) not totally convinced that he was lying, and decided that i would not give him negative or nutural feed back because if it was truely not his fault, than it would be hard for him to go through with a second trade, considering i would be the only feed back. i wanted to see if he could redeem himself with some positive feedback

it WAS g string, the bearing DID have ten balls, and there was nothing wrong wth it

Dude if red says there were 8 and now having someone else testify to some questionable conduct…I am pretty sure you are the one who is not going to be believed. The string is the least of the problem over all, even the bearing, but the condition…that is not acceptable.

Red, don’t play with it, take some pics. NOW. Just for future references. And Hubstacker, come on, just reverse the trade. It’s not worth the trouble/rep.

you can still have a second chance dude. by taking the trade back, what do you loose? a few dollars in shipping? if you dont accept it, what do you loose? the respect of yye, reputation, and ruin most future trades.

Honestly it’s not all that much so I was really going to be fine with it. I payed the Kid $37 bucks for it. It’s not killing me it’s just the principle. and I know other kids on these forums that is a lot of money for them to get screwed out of.

The string was nothing I just wanted to try it. The yoyo even with the dings, I was able to live with it, there not horrible, and granted if I play it I will do it myself.(I ding everything :slight_smile: ) But the Bearing is what really bothers me. It’s only $10 sure but that is the reason I did the deal in the first place, 1st to try the Beast, 2nd to try the G string, and 3rd if nothing else I got a 10 ball for my Severe. Then his poor attitude is what sparked the entire thing.

Now Since I’m a very honest guy, Hub did show a video of the Beast, it was extremely late. He put up a video on Chat today, and it did show the marks in the. Now I dont recall seeing them that night so I was either very tire(Which is possible, I work 60+hrs a week) or it was a different video. So I will give him the benifit of the doubt on that one. Even though he did flat out say Mint. Granted some peoples meaning of Mint are very skewed. Whatever.

Still the Bearing is just way off. I honestly wouldnt have done the trade if it werent for the the 10 ball being in the deal. 10 ball is a 10 ball cant deny it. no way to sugar coat it.

All I want is the 10 ball dude. But if your going to be this way, I would just rather a refund Ill send it all back and you can try and resell it to someone else. Which really wouldnt be that hard I have already had 4 offers on it.

Hubstacker… you can always send him a 10 ball… since that’s what he sounds like he wants, but work it out with him. Don’t just let this fall through and ruin your rep.

Dear red, i have done some thinking and have decided that this argument is my fault, although i am 15, i have relized that even though when selling a yoyo, i should have more business-like attributes and now i am hear to settle a compromise, so as soon as possible, i promise i will send you ten ball bearing, your own choice of five of my own custom strings, your choice of color and setup they are called vocal chords, if you simply search the name, your will find them. all i ask in return is that you drop the refund, and i give your my word, i will send you a 1drop ten ball bearing, and your own custom made five pack of vocal chord string


Thanks for trying to fix this.

DO NOT close an open PayPal dispute until you are completely satisfied and have received and and all items you feel you are due.

Once you close a dispute, it cannot be reopened if an arrangement ends up falling through. Close the dispute once you’ve received all the merchandise in your agreement – which in this case is a 1D 10-ball bearing, correct?

Get stuff, then close dispute. Everyone’s happy.

Thanks, Already emailed Hub that exact statment. I’m totally fine with that offer, but, he will need to ship first. So We’ll see where this goes.

I hate being the bad guy.

Don’t feel like the bad guy. This was a learning experience for Hubstacker and you, and everyone else on the forum. never lie, always include everything, and it helps to go the extra mile. thankyou for making this up and going the extra mile, hubstacker.

i am here to say that red and i have resolved our issue, i have sent him the 10ball bearing, and 5 strings,

sorry for teh delay in response. Yes all is good. Thanks again.