Hey everyone I’m trying to win a free powder coat job and I need your help! please go to this post and vote for me! or if you would rather go there and vote for one of the other people you can do that as well. my name is the second to last on the pool.



14 people are listed in this contest.
Vote as you feel fit.
Don’t vote for me because I want a powder coat (which is obvious because all listed entered).
Vote for the choice you like best.

Good luck to all.


I am in it as well, but I felt that it would sorta be like gaining an unfair edge to be lobbying. But I also thought about it as well. I understand where your coming from.

Side note
Vote for me! Just kidding…but if you like yellow and red and the south west vote for me…I’m the last option on the poll…


He said the winner is going to come down to who lobbies the best. I just want to win.


For the entries that have the same color picked I think it’s more than fair to lobby.