Win a powder coat results....the winner is in!!


Okay guy’s these are the 14 people that entered the Powder Coat contest and the choices they would like you to vote for.

Noticed there are some repeats in the choices so thats going to come down who lobbies the best for their color.

Poll is gonna run for 7 days and if it ends in a tie then I will pull the tied names from a hat.

Good luck everybody.

Congratulations to bearinatux with his big win.

Keep your eyes peeled in up coming days for his winning powder coat pick Solar Rain.


Im just realizing that this poll is open quite a while sep. 23…Nice :wink:


Good luck to every body, having a powder coat would be so cool :slight_smile:


I’m diggin this a bunch dudes. Anticipation is nice 8)

(Kei) #5

I would of picked something more fancy if I knew it was in a poll. Oh wellz, good luck everybody :wink:
Thats why its important to read all the info…


Shame shame shame you must have been snoozing while reading!! ::slight_smile:

2nd paragraph of the contest rules

(laxdude99) #7

plain white would look sick, just like the og peak




Thanks,That’s why I picked it ;D

(laxdude99) #10

i picked it too lol


Mines at the bottom…sorta southern/western new mexico/santa fe inspired.


Good luck to everyone!


Gloss white has been done before.

I’d really love to see a Pokeball PC. I’m sure Bob would do a superb job on that.


Things seeeeem to be getting a little bit tighter :stuck_out_tongue:


Just to be funny:

its quite a funny seat if you listen to the whole thing :stuck_out_tongue:


I can see this is gonna go 12 rounds, close fight. >:(


New leader almost half way through :o


Haha, I have like none.

Oh well.

Congrats when the winner wins. ^^


So close so very close.

Look out there…see that???

Looks like a finish line off in the distance.


Awww snap. Somebody said “wuz zup” and stretched out the lead.

Big weekend time for the final push.