Win a powder coat of your choice!!!!!!


In honor of my Powder thread going over 3000 views and to say thanks to all I’ve decided to set a little something up for a free PC job.

Here’s how it’s gonna go down. Starting at 7 pm tonight, EASTERN time zone, 9/15/12 and going till 7 pm tomorrow 9/16/12 the first 15 pm’s I receive with the color choice of each will be entered into a poll. Winner of that poll will get the pc scheme they picked free! If I get 15 pm’s prior to the time ending then of course submittles after the first 15 won’t make the cut. I will post when I have the first 15 entries of the poll.

-One pm per person
-In case of doubles it will come down to your buddies votes
-ALL pm’s must obey the time restrictions none prior none after
-If the winner of the poll forfits then second place and so on will receive the pc job
-You pay to ship and I will refund the money

Must be a metal yoyo of course and scheme’s can be of any type graphics must be limited. Initials, stars, shapes etc are exceptable. Landscape scenes aren’t gonna happen. Up to four colors may be included. Winning entry will receive all that is necessary to make it happen polish, blast, masking whatever. Full day at the spa so to speak.

Here are the colors to chose from:

Translucent red
Translucent blue
Translucent orange
Translucent green
Translucent violet
Solar rain (deep black/chrome translucent)
Candy raspberry
Miiror red
Mirror yellow
Mirror blue
Mirror black
Mirror green
Gloss white
High gloss black
Neon green
Smoke chrome
Super gloss clear (great over polish)
Mocha metallic
Black metallic
Clear metallic
Red metallic
Blue metallic
Flake colors are red, blue, gold and prism which can be added to clear

Just about all of these are in my Powder coat thread in the mod and maintenance so you can check them out.

If this sounds/looks familiar to the recent Deadly Spins contest it should that’s where I got the idea so thanks.

Good luck,


What time zone?


Eastern sorry

(Kei) #4

Sorry, I’m new to Powder coating (and mods in general)
Can you PC any metal in general, even if its anodized? Or does it have to be raw?


Has to be raw and translucents need to go over a polished finish. All non translucent colors can go over a blast or raw finish.

(Kei) #6

Oh wellz, I have no raw yoyos…


I will make them raw very easily and safely. Pick a beater or something that needs a little tlc.

(Kei) #8

I might have to leave my house in 5 minutes. So idk if I can even enter :confused:

Edit: Can we do half and half?


Half powder half ano? Not advised.

(Kei) #10

Sorry, I meant half one color and half another


In the contest yes. Up to four colors.


Plenty of room left guys and gals


Did my pm get through?


Yes you are the first one. Good luck


4 spots left peeps open till 7pm est tonight so get them in if you haven’t already.


2 more spots left who’s it gonna make the cut???

(Kei) #17

I got in right?


Am I in?


ONE spot left with a little over an hour to go.


All over. No more pm’s please poll will be up shortly.