Insane powdered MVP!!

Hot out of the oven here’s the latest powder coat job I did. A black metallic on an MVP and it turned out amazing. Spinning in the sun it throws off a rainbow of color. I hope the pics do it justice because it looks insane and plays like a stock MVP.

Polish pics included as well

Nice string huh… :wink:

two mo…

one mo…

That is your best PC yet. Nice!

Wow that looks really awesome! Do you do commissions and do you have glow powder coat?

Thanks man. I think the little tweaks I’ve done to the operation have really payed off cause this one was a dream to do.

We can talk. Are you looking for glow in the dark or the flourescent colors?

Actual glow in the dark, I saw glowdoug’s thread(,44612.msg426931.html#new ) and he had a few glow in the dark metal throws. He said they were powder coated. What would the cost be? I probably don’t have the money now but I could get it by next month.

I don’t have the glow additive for it but can easily get it. Let me do some shopping and see what I can come up with for a price. As for the colors I already have and a price…I would need to sit down and figure something out. Would depend on the yoyo and the prep it would involve as well. Translucents need a polished surface prior to application, I would probably offer package deals as well as just a pc job. Say Blast,polish and PC for a price or just a blast and pc for another price.

Yeah get back to me when you have pricing and stuff; I’m definitely interested in getting one of my throws to glow. Do you know if the glow PC will also be black light reactive too?

Not sure about that but I would imagine the info is out there somewhere. Do know there are several different options as far as color and the duration of how long the glow will last.

I would want blue glow that looks like raw aluminum when it is not glowing. And also brighter is better.
I would want something like this:

I saw that. May want to think about a polished finish with a supergloss and the blue glow! Might burn a hole through the floor :o

If you can do that I would be willing to pay like $30-40 or maybe even more. Is that about what the price would be?

I have to get it first make sure about the compatability, temp, blah blah blah.

Don’t worry I’ll make it happen.


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This is Awesome!!

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