Pick the next powder.....poll

Leaving it up to you guys for the next project. Like I said one is going to be a metallic red and the other will be based on the poll results.

Here are the translucents but the candy raspberry is not shown, yet.

The pic here has the Eneme shown in a translucent blue with the hubs polished and coated in a super gloss clear.

YYF 44 has has a translucent blue and green two tone.

YYF 888 has one half translucent candy orange and the other translucent violet.

Way in the back is the MVP in a black metallic, but metallics aren’t in the race. :smiley:

Also added a pic of the previous version of the YYF44 in it’s original “anodized red” powder coat. It has been stripped since and is now shown in the two tone blue/green translucents in the first pic. Just to keep things mixed up! :wink:


Don’t let this thing end in a tie guy’s!

Then I’ll have to do them all… ::slight_smile:

so many options!!.. I really want to see em all! lol…

everything looks so cool!! :wink:

DO you mind clearing up what these are? Im so very confused…

I edited in some explanation of the pic.

Very nice work. I’ve done some powdercoating myself. It’s a bit hard to get them virtually vibe free. Not impossible though. these are very nice. I’m going to do some more powdercoating soon myself. No transparents for me though. don’t have that kind of powder except for brown. Hmm…Maybe that would look good. Must try now.

Color options are pretty wide open. Can even customize the colors by mixing but I just have too much on my plate to get into that.

The vibe is an issue for sure. We all know adding or removing anything from a yoyo puts it at risk for vibe. Thats why I recommend doing yoyos that have had a rough life. If your gonna play a beater why not have a sweet looking beater.

I have come a loooong way with the vibe and have some techniques that minimize it.

Yeah I don’t doubt you have figured out the vibe thing. Coated beaters is a great thing.

Race is tight guy’s…who’s it gonna be ???

bumped for votes

somebody’s taking a little lead in this race…
get your vote’s in polls ending soon…

Last bump for the poll

Ends in just about 4 hours and the glow powder is out in front!

Will the raspberry flake job be able to make up the ground?

Only you can decide that :wink:

It’s over and the glow job takes an easy win.

Thanks for participating guys and keep your eyes out for a glow powder job in the not so distant future.