mods please lock/delete. new contest thread on its way,.......

Hello everyone. I have a little something brewing for you guys as a way to give back for sending my powder coat thread over the 15,000 mark on views. It has been a fantastic trip so far for me doing the powder coats for you and can only see it continuing to get better.

I’m hurting for time right now both in the yoyo world and in my personal life but wanted to put this out there to wet your whistle.

Expect a contest for another premium powder very soon with second and third place winners as well.

Thank you everyone,


awwwww yeah. In case you guys weren’t around for the last time, go back and check Bob’s powder thread and look at the absolutely stunning yoyo/customized box he gave out. Super legit.

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Awesome. Can’t wait to find out the details! You rock mullicabob!

Bare with me peeps. I’m in the process of rounding up what I need to get this thing rolling.

I will tell you that this contest/giveaway will be stricktly lottery. In the essence of fairness.

See you soon,

Oohh… This sounds awesome!

Really want to get in one this.

How do you enter I want a part in it


This sounds great I can’t weight!

Details will be released in a day or two. I’ll will be working on the 1st place prize and want to have everything ready.

Might as well :). Sounds Awsome!!

Working on the first place prize people so bare with me for a day or two.


i’m stoked. sounds ledget. i seen the pic of the box from last time. I cant wait to see what you have instore.

Me either.

This sounds awesome

Yes, yes it does.

Yes, yes it does.

Yes, yes it did.

Yes, yes it DOES.

Yes, Yes it does.