Look what I got for christmas!!!!!

Yay! SO STOKED right now! Merry Christmas to all!


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What is it?

I’m pretty sure that’s a New Velocity.

It sure is! I’m so stoked right now! haha I didn’t think my roomies were gonna get one for me since they don’t know much about yoyos. They must have stalked me hard! haha

Nice. Did you leave hints on which one to buy, or did they just guess?

oooo New Velocity, nice. I like those a lot actually.

I picked one up at toys r us and was extremely surprised at how well it played!

I think this just made my day.

Congrats! Have fun with it!!

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I mentioned the name once but this was 2 days before Christmas so I guessed it would be too late and my Christmas list already had yo-yos that I was no longer interested in after hearing about the velocity. I can’t wait to advance! I am really grateful for good people like them! :smiley:

Thank you so much! I’m already having a TON of fun with it! I made my first combo haha! it’s all intermediate tricks but I still had so much fun sticking it!

Awesome! I love making combos!!