look what I found on the YoYoJam website blog thing.

look at this.

That sucks, shes pretty good looking lol.

she look hot :wink:

the two new yo-yos seem interesting to find out about.

Another member going off. At least it was for a good reason.

BTW: Her main style was 3A right?

i thought she was going to yyf

well i honestly dont know but i saw her doing 1a in a video and she was pretty good

Must be a habit. :stuck_out_tongue: (It’s happening so much lately)

Shes not.

She’s off to college. That doesn’t mean she’s giving up yo-yoing for good.

what about grant i herd a roomer that something was going on with grant and yoyojam because hes been using yyf yoyos more now …idk if its true or not though.

Where did you get giving up yoyoing from?

grant have been using yoyofactory yoyos more
but he is still using yoyojam for all the contests, videos and stuff

somehow I think ann was attracted to yoyofactory more now…
I think it is because of miggy on facebook

Just a thing that popped in my head. Just because someone quits a team doesn’t mean they’re giving it up forever.