Look at my 888x :(

i noticed my blue 888x anodize is fading and im thinking if i should e-mail YYE and try to exchange it or keep it since its not gonna effect play.

The right half is completely fading.

ive only had it for one week.

i likes it

Depends on how long you’ve had it. I would get in touch with the store you bought it from. they have a better luck with returns than you will. Also I think it looks cool but it shouldn’t do that. If you bought if from YYE then contact Andre about it.

I’m having the same problem :’(

Strange how it’s only on one side. I also noticed that my finger tips were blue after the first day of play. It also colored my thumbnail after I did a thumbgrind.

My case isn’t as bad as yours though. It eventually stopped after a week of leaving it on my desk. I thought it was all the sweat from my hand originally. Or it could be that the anodize was still wet?

Anyway, leave it alone for about 2 weeks or so, in a normal, temperature environment. And don’t play when you start to sweat (the other option is to wear gloves).

As for the striping on the inner side, I don’t think much can be done. It’s probably the string striping it. I’m using Half Cotton, Half Poly, YoYoNation Yellow Highlights.

I’d be a bit surprised if YYF or YYE gave us a refund, it might be a problem on ALL 888x. I’ve got the Blue color, Batch #3003.

http://gluxon.tk/images/yoyo/888x - Right.pnghttp://gluxon.tk/images/yoyo/888x - Left.png

Darn, I knew I should have gotten the Aqua color, yours looks so much better :stuck_out_tongue:
At least the blue 888x looks good on my sig :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Nice DS, I took these pics with the DSi :smiley:

I thought annodization was made so it’s part of the metal… or sinks into it. Does that mean that
A: It’s not real annodization, or,
B: It’s bad metal?
C: I have no idea what I’m talking about?

I just thought that the anno shouldn’t leave it like that…

YoYoFactory has addressed this problem. Let me try to sum up what has been said. YYF uses a higher quality aluminum than other manufacturers (7xxx series, I believe). Unfortunately, the higher quality aluminum doesn’t anodize as well as what other companies use (6xxx series). So YYF yo-yos that have been anodized will often have that anodized layer that you love wear away. This is normal. It will not affect play.

The anodized layer is aluminum oxide that is grown partially into and partially out of the surface.
A. YYF yo-yos are truely anodized. It is not paint.
B. YYF uses high quality metal. (see above)
C. You are ahead of the average person by trying to understand.

gluxon, the anodized layer is not paint. It will not be wet, unless you add moisture to it, and it doesn’t require the curing time that an enamel paint needs. Sweat should not affect the layer in any way, assuming YYF sealed the layer correctly (which I would give them the benefit of the doubt). So, feel free to yo-yo sweaty handed.

Thanks, it just seem logical since it came off right on my hand :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess what? I’m smart! :smiley:

If I may add, I think I heard from somewhere on the forums I think Kyo from a while ago that it is the dye that is coming off not the actual anodization.

my batch # is 3003 to. i still dont know if im gonna be e-mailing andre since its not gonna effect play.

Wow! The same thing has happened to me with my new blue 888x… The highwall is faded completely on one edge and the anodization seems to be off. :’(

I might actually email them… because I would be pretty ticked of my anno started fading, especially on my M1s. (It’s so shiny!!! The best annoed yoyo in my possession.) Anyways, me and Nmaster both have a YYF, Genesis and Dv888… neither of them are wearing off… maybe it’s the 888x?

Awsome yoyo.

I just e-mailed YYE about it.

Ben said they fixed this, they obviously have not…

i think it gives the yoyo a unique look. i wish some of my yoyos would fade like that

I think it looks awesome, like wearing in a new pair of jeans :slight_smile:

We don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

I do. I may post some pics of meh 888… so worn down lol.

Wow that kinda sux :frowning: I think its happening to my friends DNA too, so its not only the 888x’s

I have the purple one. purchased 3 or 4 weeks ago. no fade as of yet, no non color line at the transition. all color intact so far.