color coming off from yyf's?


I ve noticed the pink color slowly fading off from a few of my yyf premium splashes. First it was a cyborg that became like this: (top right clockwise)

and now i have a dogma starting to show the same problem. It seems to only affect the one color pink in both yoyos, while the other colors both stayed completely intact. There is also no sign of this afflicting two of my horizons with this color, both of which happen to have a rougher finish than the two affected ones.


I noticed the color fading on my yyf shutter. It is red with black acid wash. Some of the black has recently turned into a dark grey, and other parts look smeared. I assume it is from the sweat on my hands. (I sweat a lot)…


I’ve only seen color fade on my Axis Pulsefire. 7075 is harder to anodize than 6061 aluminum so the color will wear off over time.

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I think all anodized yoyos will fade over time, some faster. I had a blue DV888 that does that, practically went almost full silver, but it fade out in a gradual way that I like.


I agree that it makes sense for them to fade over time, because it’s just dye anyway, especially if it’s a yo-yo that you handle an awful lot. I can’t really explain why it’s more noticeable on the pink ones. Do you have another light and bright color yo-yo, that you handle just as much, to compare it to? Something like gold maybe? For example, I doubt you’d notice the difference if it happened to the clear on that Cyborg. And, the purple is so dark, that it wouldn’t be too noticeable if it lightened up some too.

An anodizer might know the answer. I’ve dyed other things before, and noticed that colors fade differently over time. Maybe it’s the ingredients used to get certain colors. I bought a throw once, that was not a YoyoFactory yo-yo, and I wiped it down with a damp cloth to clean it. The dye came right off, onto the cloth. The yo-yo still looked about the same, but it was just excess dye I guess. I kept wiping, wondering how much was going to come off. :smiley: I’ve seen interesting things with anodizing too.

Maybe yo-yos are like us, and they change a bit as they get older. :-\


Yeah, I’ve seen ano fade on plenty of yo-yos, never noticed it to be color specific though. I don’t know enough about the process to tell you why it happens, but it looks like the pink layer is the top layer of ano on both the yo-yos you pictured, maybe it’s just that the top layer is wearing off and it has nothing to do with the color?

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Haven’t really noticed color coming off on older yoyos but interesting nonetheless.

Anyone feel like posting pics of well used throws for comparison?


for low run or sample colors like these the ‘bath’ times in acid, allowing penetration may not have been dialed in. For more typical production items it isn’t something i have been hearing about but i will follow this thread with interest.


^ But keep those low runs and 1 of 1 splashes coming, cause I really like those. :wink: People can choose the ones with darker pink. I’m good over here. 8) by Total Artist, on Flickr Czechpoint by Total Artist, on Flickr