Longer string, overhead throw?

Apparently you can throw a spin top from overhead, downward like a baseball follow-through, and it will land on its point. Looks like you need a longer string; I got a couple sidewinders for my kids and they came with long strings and instructions for the throw. I tried once or twice and it was pretty close to on point.

Does anyone use this technique? Any history on its use or tips on the motion of the throw? I suppose you can throw many ways with different string lengths…

You can throw with different lengths of string. I don’t use thy technique.

I thought this was the main way to throw spin tops?

Most people throw sideways, like a tennis racket. There are other ways, like if you’re doing a trapeze, but I had never heard of overhead before.

Can you post a picture of the instructions?

The overhand throw is used for throwing to the ground, usually for battle. It is a very simple motion and can be very accurate. You wind the same way and hold it in your hand the same way, but you start with your hand like an overhand yo-yo throw, but with your palm facing outwards instead of inwards. Pivot at the elbow only. The tip should be pointing the same way your thumb is, pointing parallel to the ground instead of straight up like a “normal” throw.

Battletops are addictive, many versions, all you need it a buddy or two with the same top as yours to make it fair. Find out who spins the longest or smack sombody else’s top out of the ring. Yeah!

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Here ya go:

awesome instructions!
(yours were okay too yophosis) :wink:

several years ago after i started spinning tops and my dad got out his old plastic “sir duncan” and wrapped it and threw it, that’s how he threw it… i was sitting there thinking “that looks way wrong but it worked…??” i don’t ever use it but that’s mostly because i don’t throw to the ground.