Spin tops are amazing!!!

Hi y’alls,

The title says them all :slight_smile: Here’s a bit of bio for the interested :slight_smile: I used to yoyo & throw tops about 20y ago and my kids picked up some yoyo lately and while trying them out I was hooked. I got a metal responsive yoyo off amazon. Played the thing a bit but it was missing something. Found out YYE while searching for what was missing. Endedup on the fixed axle tutorial section of YYE. Bought a YYF Legend Wings and when that arrived I was in love. But I’ve seen that there was a Top section at the time of my order so I bought a YYF Shortcircuit. When the thing arrived, I tried throwing it a couple of time but wasn’t able to make it fall to the floor on the right side up ( I was using the old technique I used to use on heavy wooden top with a too short string turns out )… Left the thing there for a while and I got back into it lately. Took the time to read a bit more and hell damn that’s so so so fun…

I was able to throw my first boomerang rougly a week ago and now I land roughly 90% of them. YoYo don’t speak to me anymore, all I want is to throw some TOPS! =) The only bad thing I can find about Tops is that it’s a noisy hobby ( especially with 3 kids :stuck_out_tongue: ) But the kids love to hold them

Question: I’m this weird hybrid of ambidexrous person, I’m a left in most of my life but I"m a righty when it comes to weird stuff so. I do throw with my right but I cannot land that boomerang easily in my right while I don’t need to think anymore to land it on my left but most tricks ( execept wirewalker ) expect you to have the top on your ““dominant”” hand… so for now I just hop it on the other side but Is there any trick as to land it on the same hand…

Thanks Neff for the string making tutorial I did make a couple with different lenght and it help tremendiously. Ahh and I’m waiting on some bearing tops too :slight_smile:

Second question: While going back into this hobby, I picked up all my older tops that I used to throw which are all full hardwood non hollowed out tops. I was wondering is there a trick to boomerang that kind of tops. I’m able to throw them easioly to the floor ( baring the good lengh of string ) but when shoudl I start pulling and how so that It goes up enough. I will be able to boomerang one of the smallest I used to own ( and wasn’t able to throw a the time b/c I didn’t had enought small string )… So the quesiton really is, is there any other method to boomerang for boomerang’ing heavier wooden top?

Anyway, not much to report, currently trying to learn all the tricks at the same time. =)

Thanks y’alls!


Welcome back!

It won’t take much practice to get the top to come back to your throw hand, just tug a little harder, and keep an open mind and work at it a little bit you’ll have it down. Mark Hayward throws left but kinda plays right and he therefore is one of the hardest people to learn from or teach. So I would recommend trying to stick to one or the other for a while at least. There are an unusual amount of left-handed top spinners by the way so take off your shoes and get comfy, you are in the right place.

Solid tops are top heavy so to get a normal boomerang it will require a longer string than normal and you have to start pulling back a lot sooner than with a lighter hollow top. I assume you have some of those old BC tops?

They are homemade wooden tops one of my teachers used to make to sell us when I was a kid!

Reading the sticky I understood that when it comes to string length, the most important think is where is where the line where the string wound up finishes. My question is should the top fall on the floor perfectly ballenced or as long as it’s falling on its tips the string length is mostly accurate? I am also well aware that my release isn’t probably constant!

Thanks for all the info!

As long as it is consistently landing on its tip enough to spin without touching the ground, the string length should be workable. You can make adjustments with our release. If the tip is pointed toward you when it comes off the string, try tipping your palm toward the ground more as you release.

Thanks Neff for the answer =)