How to throw a boomerang with a heavy wooden top? Is it possible?

Hello guys,
Recently, I have mastered a decent throw, and now I’m stuck again. …
Do any of you have a a heavy wooden spin top, and mastered 'boomerang with it?
Because I just can’t get it right. I tried to pull slightly upwards when I throw. It just lands back on the ground, but spinning.
Is my top too heavy? It’s one of those old wooden fixed tip tops.
I only have wooden tops with fixed tips.
If anyone can tell me what I need to do, please teach me :slight_smile:

Many greets

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get up with the crew at, they are the huge wood top experts!


Pull earlier, harder, and outside or at a friend’s house :smiley:
Because they have a higher center of gravity, the string usually needs to be longer, and since you are able to spin it on the ground I’m guessing the string is the length it should be. With a longer string the timing seems all out of whack so you just have to try exaggerated movements like pulling way early or way hard (protect your face!) until you start to see and feel what is otherwise impossible to describe in text :smiley:


Thanks a lot, Neff :slight_smile:
When I’m go training again, I’m gonna follow your tips and advice.
I throw my top on the garage floor, when my mom’s car is parked outside.
Good floor, smooth and it can handle my top!
Thank you!

Warm greets,

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The wood tops I see in your other posts have no crown, and if those are the ones you are throwing - yes those are difficult to boomerang. Not impossible, but definitely more difficult.

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I’ll try :slight_smile:
I Let you know when I landed it!

Thanks to Kevinm , who told me about the forum, I learned alot from the people there, and they gave me tips to practice the boomerang trick.

After a afternoon of throwing my top, and practicing … nothing, close call but nothing.
that was yesterday.
This morning :
'Today is the Day ’ I thought. 'I will land it. ’
With fire in my heart, I went to my garage to practice.
After a 15 minutes of throwing, I landed a boomerang :smile:
Never give up, and keep practicing!