I can't throw

No matter which hand I throw with or how I wind it it end up spinning on the crown! Please help… (Just got them in the mail today)

What top is it?

Gladiator ( I know it’s a battle top) and the side winder

Are you wrapping, holding, and releasing correctly?

When you hold the top the tip should be pointed straight up to the sky, and if you are throwing right handed, the string should be wrapped clockwise (when you are looking down at the tip pointing up) and the wrap should be very snug, and your throw should be kind of slow at first, like a push instead of a throw.

The Spintastics strings come a little long, and that can add some difficulty but is easy to fix… it is hard to know what the problem is without knowing more information… any chance you could post a quick video of what is going on? Or describe more?

The gladiator is a great beginning top. But in the last couple of years I believe they have shipped with an extra thick (or extra long) string which is more adequate for the overhand killer shot than the side throw.

When you wrap the top the string should go up to a height between the second groove (counting form the tip) and half-way to the third groove. Wrap the string around your finger to temporarily shorten it and experiment. You’ll get it soon enough, don’t give up.

i have the video, how do i inset it?

how do i insert the video with the code

just copy the url and paste it in the message

Do I have to upload it to a sharing site like YouTube?

Sorry! been busy with the holidays. yes you need to upload it somewhere.