longer spins, a wider gap, and burnt fingers

I have a few questions so I figured I’d put them all in one post. I have a DM and wouldn’t mind having a bit bigger of a gap. Are shims what I need? Will a wider gap also potentially increase my spin time? When doing tricks, I can always here my response system trying to catch.

Finally, I’m practicing boomerang and the string is burning my finger! Will I just get used to this or is there a little trick I’m missing?

You can adjust the gap of your Dark Magic, but that might be pretty small too. Give shims a try.
A wider gap may increase your spin time also.

You’ll get use to it. But if you can’t take it, put some tape where the string slides across your hand.

or gloves

Yep, it sounds like you want shims. Whether it increases spin times or not, it heavily dependent on you. It can potentially help by making the side walls farther from the string. But if you have a bad throw, it won’t matter.

String burns are usually not permanent, unless they’re really, REALLY bad (Think Mickey + Alchemy string - gloves). I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If you’re still really worried about it, you can use some tape, a band-aid, or gloves to protect the area getting burned.

what i find best for burns is stick tape found at any fawleys

Lately I’ve been working on my eli hops and really the only thing you can is protect the area… When I work on the trick I wear a glove.

i would definitely say that gloves would be better than finger tape.

i think gloves are better than tape, but i think you should just tough it out. you will eventually get used to it.

and i think shims are a good idea. i would buy a pack of gray and red so you can figure out what works best for you.

If you are going to get gloves, I would recommend gloves with a velcro fastener on the end. If you don’t, your glove will start to slide off on whips and hooks. (It’s rather annoying) Also, you could use tape but if it is burning all the fingers you use, then the glove seems like a great opinion.