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Cleveland Yoyo Club FTW!

Even though Plymouth Yoyo Club is better…



damn lol, the news crew was even called down… those police must have really been eager to look good to their city…

it’s funny because it seems like the thieves just tried to sell the yoyos back to the leaders of the yoyo club… however they called the police, and the police went in and acted like the leaders, arrested them, and took all the fame like they did a huge investigation lmao… silly porkers.


From what I understand, this isn’t the first time this has happened. It appears the club has broken into previously. I get the feeling that now the thief was getting sloppy and/or desperate. I also think that police was counting on community shock value of “yoyos that cost as much as $200” to make it sound a lot bigger than it really is.

After that, it’s just called professionalism.

Police may not be my “buddies”, but I do have tremendous respect for them.

It sounded like things occurred as it should have:
Crime committed
Crime Reported
Police investigation started
Victims also did their due diligence and upon discovering more information, went immediately to police
Police followed up on the additional information and put a plan into motion.

All in all, it sounded pretty much like a “by the books” operation. Just shows what can happen when the police actually care AND the victim understands the “system” and wants to work with it.

I wish more burglaries would be able to be handled and prosecuted this way.

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Why does the cool stuff happen to Cleveland?


I know right? We need a yoyo club in West Virginia…

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And if look carefully, all the yo-yos that were stolen were by Yomega and Duncan…


Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s nice they actually did something about it. They never did jack when I needed them… Anyway, we all know Brandon Jack could have put the hurt on those punk thieves himself, no need to call in the boys… haha




Wrong. If you look at the very left side where the yoyos were caught on tape, there are a few YYF yoyos as well.


I think we all learned a valuable lesson today…

We need better yo-yo club security


I know the feeling. When my office was broken into, a few million dollars of hardware(retail) were stolen the DAY AFTER IT WAS DELIVERED. Coupled with other crimes tied to it(they broke into the utility closet for the facilities and cut ALL phone lines and damaged the transformer that supplied power), the cops have unfortunately done nothing. It’s been over 12 years, they could care less at this point. Thank goodness for insurance is all I can say.


That is cool of them. They should focus on this more than giving out tickets.