load bearing

why is my bearing so load? how can a make it be not as load does this mean it needs to be lubed?

I think you mean loud? Yes lube it lightly less then a drop.

Clean it first, with some sort of solvent. Acetone, mineral spirits, denatured alcohol, lighter fluid. Then lightly lube, less than a

Also after cleaning it in a solvent you should make sure you dry it out before putting in the lube

Further adding on, after giving it the solvent bath, I stick them on the tip of a pencil and spin til no more solvent is spraying out. Flip over flick again. While on pencil tip I do a tiny drop and flick a few times to let the lube spread before putting it back in the yoyo.

If you over lube it, you’ll end up doing what I did and get a response pad coming loose…in my case, my Gnarwhal began making weird “farty” noises as the string rubbed the pad. Lube breaks down the adhesive and made the response pads act funny as the lube oozed out of the unshielded bearing.

To much lube…

I saw this post and I was thinking it would be something about a stress analysis test of a yo-yo :smiley:

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