Live help?


So I was thinking: what if we could all teach each other personally instead of videos? I think there should be a way for us to chat via webcam so that we could all talk and teach tricks and go into more detail. Sites such at stick am would be perfect for this sort of thing.


Meets and clubs work great for this kind of thing.

Unfortunately, my environment is wholly unsuitable for this kind of thing. However, Skype would serve the function quite nicely. Between all the chaos going on around me or limited space in some areas, there’s no way this idea can work for me, especially in regards to me being the instructor.


I like this idea. I was just trying to find the drivers for my webcam earlier this even to try and use it to make a video. Unfortunately i could not find one for Win 7 (surprisingly).

I agree that Skype is the best way. I would say the best option would be to try and work it with the Chat Room. If I’m throwing I and generally at a computer using YouTube to learn things. I have not had a chance to be on for Thursday night’s “Chat Night” so idk how many people are in there anything like that. Might be fun to do a Video Feedback night even if it is just the forum members, I know Andre (and everyone else) is a busy person.