Skype yoyo lessons

I don’t have skype personally but do you think people could teach others complicated tricks through skype or is not allowed because of the law? ???

I highly doubt there’s an anti-yoyo-trick-teaching-via-skype law :wink:

I do stuff like that on occasion… hit me up: Jeremyl

Cool, I just thought it would be a good way to teach others!

And I could learn some stuff to.

I love it, That would be sooooo, cool, but my camera is a little choppy so complicated tricks could be chopped.

I don’t know about skype but I show several “tuts” on MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, and Aim messenger. pretty much anything I have my hands on. I would teach on skype but I don’t have it down loaded because that takes a lot of work: i have to click on stuff and make choices URG so much work hah.

I laugh that it did infact exist, a law that prohibits yoyo tuts on skype ;D…LOL

Skype pwns any other IMs face off.