Integrate Webcams in Chat

I just used the chat feature for the first time ever, and it was cool. The ability to share pictures was nice, but I think allowing others to view a webcam would be even better. That way, if you don’t have pictures taken and uploaded somewhere, if you want to show a yoyo, you could just turn on the webcam so the person can see in real time. For example, there would be a link to view, and an option not to view. And maybe each member would have a little symbol next to their username if they have webcam capabilities. Also, this feature would be great to teach new tricks on a one-on-one basis. Just a thought.

That’s not a function available in IRC. They’d have to set up some sort of Yahoo, AIM or some other system of connecting. I think a lot of guys do this via Skype. I sometimes run my cam on Yahoo, and recently signed up with Skype, so you can always use the other instant message systems. I’m often reachable via those. Not necessarily via video, but text yes.

Personally, I’m a mess in the mornings and I often don’t get to shower until late. But the idea of saying “how do you do that” and then being shown is a way cool idea. My cameras are mostly not hooked up right now.

Hmmm…I sort of figured that the function would be difficult or impossible to integrate, which is why it has not been done yet, but it would be nice. I use Yahoo messenger to chat with webcam once in a while too, and I like it, but I find that a lot of people say that they don’t have Yahoo or I don’t have the IM program they use. Problems arise when you have to decide whether you should download a whole program, just to chat by webcam with a certain individual. Then, you may or may not chat again, and you end up uninstalling the program.

If we had it in the YYE chat, it would be available to everyone without a download (the way I envisioned it anyway). But, for showing tricks or one-on-one tutorials, I think it would be a great feature. The only other solution is to download all popular programs, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Skype and so on, so you’d have most options available on demand…but it’s a pain to have all that downloaded and install updates and all that stuff to keep up with it all.

Also, in YYE chat, if you’re chatting with more than one person, it can kill the whole conversation if people don’t want to continue in another program like Yahoo IM to view the webcam. One person might want to see and have Yahoo, but the other doesn’t have Yahoo and is either left out of the conversation, or they have to do an entire download. It would be nice if the chat starts on YYE, it should stay within the site if possible, even to do webcam.

Tell me if you had to choose a program, which one you find most user friendly in this regard. I only have experience with Yahoo IM. Seems like you are leaning toward Skype?

People would totally troll. I know people on this forum and some others that would come here on purpose and mess with you via camera. I’m sure they will get banned, but that is easily circumvented.

I regularly use AIM, YChat(for the IRC channel), and Yahoo Instant Messenger. I’ve also used IChat. I have also used Skype.

Yahoo didn’t support the camera on the MacBook until not too long ago. I mostly use my MacBook Pro as a PC, not a Mac. But the fixed camera position is too limiting, so I have two other cameras I can use that do the job just as well.

I agree with not wanting to install a whole thing just to do this. I find making the options available gives me options available later on. Worse case is if it’s an “emergency” and people need to actually see me, they can text me and tell me to get in front of the computer…

Skype I think puts limitations on how much time you get each month. I could be wrong, those rules might only apply for international or something.

Almost daily I run AIM, YChat and Yahoo IM. I may not always be on that computer, but they are running. I chat regularly with TMCertified via phone, text and AIM. Most of my friends use Yahoo. I’m finding more people are liking Skype since it does text, voice and video. YChat works awesome for IRC, it just requires manual config, which for me isn’t a big deal.

I think I’ll give AIM and Skype a try in the near future, because they are so popular. Next question is whether the average webcam would be clear enough to capture a yoyo trick, where the yoyo is moving fast, and you want the string to still be visible. What do you think? Also, in your opinion, which color yoyos and strings show up best on video?

I dont think this is a good idea because it opens the chat to even more prejudice and abuse. If people want to video chat they can use Tinychat or something like icanhazchat. Video streaming is extremely costly to do when its not p2p and is just an open thing, the bandwidth costs are silly.

Webcams generally are too slow FPS to capture yoyo tricks but it depends on the users upstream and the recievers downstream I believe. Its not always limited by webcam, but software and connection. You’re better off using Skype for that kind of thing if you really need to, though.


If you’re doing SLOW and deliberate break-downs for tricks, it’s fine. Especially at SD resolution.

The biggest issue is lag in the network. Broadband is cheap, doesn’t mean the networks on the backside can handle the payload. In my case, the WIFI ISP I use(WISP) is constantly dropping in quality on me. I can get dates of pretty much useless connectivity.

Case in point, it wont work. So. Yeah.