List Your Best Finds from the B/S/T!


Okay, there are a ton of threads generated about deals gone wrong in the buy/sell/trade, but we don’t hear often enough about the great ones. Name up to 3 of your best finds ever on the B/S/T. Keep them short though…I’ll start:

  1. A mint YYF Pop Star & mint Blood Brother which both retail collectively new for $90, I got for $50 shipped with tracking off B/S/T. Saved myself $40.

  2. I’m guessing a new General Yo Entheos, Plus grade, retailed for about $90. I just got a mint one for $60 shipped off the B/S/T. Saved myself $30

  3. Small bearing 2009 Genesis (collector) mint $40 shipped.

Bet you can’t beat mine. Haha…Go!


I bought a Overdrive for 170…saved me 30, plus rarity. I also got a raw maxbet for 130.


Sweet deals!


My favorite trade was a Pyro and a Business for an ESQ Aerodyne Watch.


I just bought this for $100… Plays GREAT and was in EXCELLENT condition when I got it…


Saved yourself at least $80 on that Stargazer!


Saw someone selling a near mint chief for $65, but they had sold it to someone else before I got my chance :frowning:


That would have been quite a deal. Sounds like that seller wanted some quick cash.


How about atybuds deals? Insane!


Near mint yo duh skywalker for like 75!


got a stargazer for 120. saved myself 70 bucks.


I snagged a mint code 2 for exactly $37.64


I sold some stuff for very cheap… I regret it.
I sold a mint in box IronMan BvM for like $50 shipped, and a mint in box special edition Burnside for $50 shipped.


Wow those are some great deals! Wish i couldve grabbed the bvm


Origional bape (near mint) for $120


I remember when mint bapes were $70 :stuck_out_tongue:

Best buy for me was the small bearing test ano (brown with blue splash) that I picked up for $180


my northstar for your 888! hehe best deal ever! love the 888 btw! ;D


Great! I like the northstar way better, so it’s a win-win!


Got a mint in Box half green half clear Code 1 and a mint 2010 severe green acid wash 120$ shipped.

H5 mint blue cloud edition 65$ shipped


Marmont Next for a Viszilla. YYF Nova for a Drifter and a DMII. YYF Nova for 20$ :smiley: YYF 2.0 for 15$