Best Deal

What is the best deals you have ever seen? Or just a seller who always has really good deals? There was a jackrabbit Summit at $65 at one point.

$45 hatrick, $90 peak

I got a mint Gelada, mint Yelets, and Dark Magic for $80 on the BST. I’ve made up for that by paying way to much for some other things.

I was the one who got the hatrick…

Recently I got a first run 7075 majesty for $35. And I got a puffin for $45…

I didn’t get the hatrick or the peak, just 2 good deals I saw.

Yeah, I knew that, came out wrong.

40$ 1st run mint albatross ^^ still happy about it!

Now that I think about it, it was probably the $25 ministar.

thats a krazee deal dude…

I’ve gotten a few good deals through the BST.

Tom Kuhn No Jive 3’n’1 Ckean machine for $20.

2 YYJ Equinox, one being the prototype John Narum used at worlds, $25.

My best deal was a gentry mystery throw and 20 bucks for a clyw glacier express

Once saw an Anglam on the BST, mint in box, never opened for $60, but it sold in an hour I think…

I can almost guarentee it was an angle.

You’re probably right, but maybe it was an anglam, and the seller was just being dumb.

im gonna have to agree that it was an angle and DEF not an anglam

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MWB Dreadnought G for $50

That’s pretty sweet.

snagged mwb Gnarwhal 2 for 50. Also got a free chief, so…

You are guys are porbably right, but again, I’m just giving it the benefit of the doubt. But, yeah, I really likely it was an angle

Got a MIB YoYoFactory Ricochet for $90 from Frank (owner of ILYY) and he even threw in a free ILYY St. EEL. That was a great deal indeed. ;D