Best deal?

What was your best deal?

Could you elaborate? I don’t understand. Maybe I’m stupid… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he means in terms of trading or buying. I traded two psgs for a B grade MVP, traded the MVP for a STYY bandit with some marks, traded the bandit for a C3 H5.

For me probably the best deal I have gotten would be my two Raptors (near mint) and a JK (had a ding) for a TP Clover (180 dollar yoyo, MIB) and a boss (very near mint).

Wow! That’s a great deal! I got a MIB, rarely thrown 1/1 Ministar, made by Ernie for those who helped with production of the yoyo and General Yo itself, for $40. Started my Ministar craze! I now own 6 of them, and may pick up another one. :slight_smile:

Awsome guys, sorry if my English is bad…