Light up FHzero or starlight


Just wandering which one you think is better. I want a light up/ glow yoyo but cant decide. How good is the new FHxero and can it handle tricks like ladder escape with ease. I have never tried one or the new one so I wouldn’t know.


I got a glowing DieNasty, which I really like. It was for a performance that I couldn’t handle because, well, I’m new, I suck and I didn’t get enough practice time to at least counter the suck portion of my problem. However, looking back, it would have been too much of a distraction this time around. Maybe next year!

I can’t wait to get the new FHZ with “Pulse technology” though. As soon as YYE has it, I hope to order one.

If you’re doing pure black, then LED is the way to go. If you’ve got blacklighting, then glowing string is a nice touch and you can go either way, but glow might look cooler.

I can’t comment on ladder escape. I’m nowhere near that. It’s going to be awhile.


Haven’t tried the light-up FHZ yet (hopefully will be able to get one soon!), but the Starlite is great. I think the only tricks I have trouble doing on it are horizontal tricks. For everything else, it’s great.


I dont own either so ill just post what I know. I have a FHZ, not light up, and a protostar. My guess is that the light up FHZ will play very close to a normal FHZ;) the starlight I’ve heard plays similarly to my proto. They’re in the same line but I believe the starlight is a tad faster. I don’t foresee the FHZ handling tricks like ladder escape with “ease”. I know that my protostar can do them so I’d say the stagings would be a better choice for you. Hope this helps


The new FHZ Pulse is at 70 grams, so it’s heavy.


I would also buy sili pads and the bearing kit for the fhz. These ones don’t need to be modded, pad recess! Yes ladder escape is just as easy as with your other yoyo.


I am gong to be ordering the Terrapin X hubstack kit for this yoyo and my modified FHZ. I may order a third for my stock FHZ.

BTW, not that anyone cares, but I’ll be ordering the light up FHZ Saturday after a fast bank run! I’m just debating on ordering more bulk 100-count poly strings. I’m adding response pads to the order for sure.