Light Up FHZ Problem


I bought a Light-up Freehand Zero recently and it arrived in the mail yesterday. Everything was working fine with it yesterday and I didn’t play with it much. Now today one of the halves isn’t lighting up anymore. I don’t think the batteries could have died in one day, so what could be the problem? I haven’t done much modification either. All I did was clean the bearing and replace the friction stickers with one silicone sticker. Is anybody else having this issue?


I’d say to check your spring contacts, maybe somehow they got lodged. Sometimes my limelights get stuck in the on position.


When the yoyo spins the centrifugal force causes the weights to engage with the contacts making the yoyo light up.

  1. Pop the side caps off. If you don’t know how, you can youtube it.

  2. Adjust the little metal arms with the weights by bending them just a hair towards the contacts. To much will cause the lights to stay on permanently.

  3. Test before you replace the caps.

You might have to adjust it a few times to get it right.


I think what you have told me is likely the problem. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get off the cap on the side that has the problem. I looked up ways to remove the caps and I went with the axle-banging method. I was able to get the first side off but not the other one. Is there another method aside from the banging and gouging in something shard to pry it up? Perhaps a less invasive method?


Use a suction cup or duct tape to pull it off.


I think the caps come off using the the standard “screw and pound” method for removing FHZ caps. I haven’t operated on mine yet.

I had a similar issue with one half of one of my 2 regular Duncan Pulse yoyos. Those compare apart a lot easier. The way they may the connection, well, it’s fine and all, but since it is a spring, it can get caught or over-bend by accident.

The mechanism on the FHZ is a bit more refined, but equally simple. You should be able to see the mechanism clearly under the cap.

You might have gotten bad batteries. But you’re going to have to get inside to swap parts around to see what the case may be.


I did give it several good pounds, but the cap didn’t budge. And I did try a suction cup, but the cap is very firmly planted. I guess I’ll try pounding it some more, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try to pry it up with something.


Yeah you have to pound it pretty hard! Kinda scary to do cause you think you might break it, but I don’t think you will.


Video quality is a little choppy, but I made this just for you using my own light up FHZ


Problem fixed! The video really helped, Preinfalk. I had just been banging it like a caveman, but the steady pressure technique is what worked. And so then I was able to jiggle the spring around and make sure it would connect during a spin. Now everything works great. Seriously, thanks all around. You guys rule.